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You may be surprised by my letter, but I have a desire to talk to someone............ I 'm very lonely ............
First of all, I want to say that I am in Severodonetsk, Ukraine. The Internet is not working well, and by some miracle I can see
your letter and write you an answer! What is happening is very scary! When Russian troops entered our city, the Ukrainian military
hid in our homes and behind our backs, but now everyone is safe. Many people died, and this is a terrible grief for us!
And we pray that this will end soon! My girlfriend died in front of my eyes, it shocked me!!!!! I was just in a panic and if
if they hadn't pulled me out of this building, I would have died too, because a shell flew into this house, 10 minutes after I was taken away from there!!!!!
This means that I am very lucky.
Please, if you are interested in my story, then read my letter carefully, because I want to fully reveal
my story to you.........
I will tell you about myself: My name is Galina. I am 28 years old. My body is 168 cm tall. Weight - 57 kg. Although the age between people for
it doesn't matter to me. It is important that a person has an inner state in his soul, not his age.
Now I was working in the Ukraine in the city of Severodonetsk. Although my parents live in Kazakhstan, the city of Akkol
It is located about 100 kilometers from Astana.
It 's a very small town . The population is 14,000 people. No work. And I decided to go to Ukraine to work.
And then I found a job for myself. But now there is no more work here, and it is very dangerous. And so I will try as soon as I have
the opportunity to get to Yeysk by sea, and, as a refugee, I do not yet know how, by plane, bus or train, to get to his
hometown. And I really hope that I will succeed! I will not be able to go to Europe as a refugee, because I am a citizen of Kazakhstan. And me
The army will not let us into Europe, we have been captured. I have already tried to do this, three attempts and all without success!!!!!!!!!!!!
I want to tell you briefly that I had a man, but we didn't have children. Then my husband died in a car accident, it was five years ago.
It makes me sad to think about it. But, as you say here, time heals. Time is the best doctor. Someday I will tell you the details,
but now I dream of finding a partner for a good family. I'm a big girl and I don't want an empty game. I want a serious relationship for life.
But I'm alone. I don't have a friend. I am beautiful, but there is no good person around. There are no decent men in Kazakhstan and Ukraine. Most men
they are quite cruel and do not respect women. Many simply do not hold back and give up on women. That's why I decided to go online
to find my other half.
I'm not very computer friendly. And I don 't speak foreign languages . That's why I write through a translator, but I want to learn a foreign language.
Will you help me learn your language?)
I hope you understand what I'm writing about. And I think the language barrier is not a problem. Before the start of the military operation, I worked in a cafe and
often talked with tourists. And we always found a common language. That's how fast I learn. So if we both decide to meet in person,
we won't have any problems with our understanding. I can't write to you every day, you know?
The situation with the Internet is very bad. But I will write as often as possible. I will try to answer as soon as possible, but if it doesn't work out,
then it will be next week. And I'll let you know about my situation and the latest news. Don't lose me, I will definitely answer your letter!
Now I don't have Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, or any social networks at all, because it's called the Iron dome, all Internet
contacts are blocked, this is military action. I'll write to you via the Internet cafe. Now there are few Internet cafes in the city, and the Internet
works poorly everywhere.
I am a citizen of Kazakhstan, I have a passport of Kazakhstan, I cannot be a refugee in Europe ((( If I had the opportunity, I would go to Europe,
but now the main thing for me is to leave the combat area, because the explosions can be heard 15-20 kilometers away.
If you answer me, I am waiting for your answer. It would be nice for me to have someone to talk to right now....... And if you support me,
then I will be pleased!!!
Send me more of your photos if you want! I look forward to your next reply!
Don't lose me, I definitely want to try to write to you again and get your letter with your story!
I will definitely write to you! Glad to meet you!
PS . I immediately inform you that these are the photos that I am sending you, they