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Hello xxx. It's nice to see your answer. You want a call. But you
don't think that you and I have just started our acquaintance and you
ask me for the phone number. I think that first you need to find out
durg durg, and then you can talk about a phone call. You look great in
the photo. Are you doing music? Are you a DJ? are you invited to
events when you need music? xxx, I want to tell you who I work for
and why I am staying in Ukraine at such a difficult time. I work as a
medical professional. My profession falls under the laws of
mobilization and therefore I cannot leave Ukraine. If I didn't have a
medical degree, I would have left Ukraine a long time ago. But during
the period of martial law of the country, I am forbidden to leave
Ukraine. In the first years of the war, I was a patriot of my
homeland. But now I understand that this war does not make any sense.
Namely, only blood and destruction to my country. This is not a war of
nations. This is a war between presidents. The Government of Ukraine
is indifferent to the life of its people, they are playing this game
for their own purposes and their own benefit. They don't care that
innocent people are dying who shed sweat and blood defending their
country. But they don't know what they're really fighting for. Despite
my love for my homeland, I don't want to stay here. There is no future
here, the country will be completely broken and destroyed in all
regions. In addition, for all the years of my life in Ukraine, I have
not had a relationship and have not met a man. Therefore, after
analyzing the past, present and future for a long time, I decided to
look for a relationship outside my country. That's why I chose a
dating site to meet a man. I am not a demanding girl, for me happiness
lies in a moral and spiritual attitude. I think each of the partners
should not be afraid of being imperfect. He should always be himself.
Each of the partners needs to maintain a balance between "should" and
"want". It is necessary to maintain a balance between "give" and
"receive". We should always admire and thank each other. Each of the
partners should be able to listen, hear and understand. We must
appreciate each other's desire and be mutual in any situation. You
don't have to remember the past, you always have to remember that you
have only your future ahead of you. You need to go to him without
looking back. I want my relationship to have care, unity, development,
support, trust, understanding, respect and loyalty. The main thing is
to be one with your partner and then the relationship will be
successful. xxx, I hope you agree with my opinion? I want to attach
a couple of photos from my work. And I will also be waiting for a
photo from you. Warm wishes. Marina.