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Hello, xxx! I'm surprised to hear back from you. And I can't hide my joy about
it. What are you interested in me?)))
How interesting) I really love electronic music. What genre do you play in?
I really like your photos) you seem very charismatic and confident in them.
As it happens, I'll write a few words about myself. My name is
Anastasia and I am 28 years old. I was born and now live in eastern
Ukraine in Novoaidar. Until recently, I had a wonderful family and a
job. But it so happened that disaster came to our house. After the war
started we tried to evacuate... My father and mother were killed by a
shell... It was a great loss for me((( I was in the other car with my
little sister... We were very lucky... Now we both live together, her
name is Veronica and she is 2.5 years old... Little Veronica doesn't
know that her parents are gone, she's very little and doesn't
understand, I told her that her parents are away on a business trip,
because mum and dad were technologists in the metal industry and they
were often sent on business trips! I don't want to traumatize her
already suffering psyche from shelling, I understand that sooner or
later I will have to tell her about it, but I don't think now is the
right time for that!
I would like to know a little more about you. Do you have any pets?
I miss simple human companionship so much. Maybe in
writing to you could take my mind off of all the horror that's...
going on around here...
I can add about myself that I am an ordinary Ukrainian girl who always
dreamed to find a man with whom I would feel calm, in whose arms I
could be protected... I want a man to whom I will give love, affection
and care. And also receive it in return...
Here I have written a little bit about myself. I'll attach some more
photos of myself. I hope you like me)))
Looking forward to hearing from you! Anastasia.