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Hello, my friend! How are you? I'm sorry that you've been
waiting my letter. I want to immediately explain to you how I found
out your email. I used the services of a marriage agency on the
Internet. They help people find their soul mate on the Internet.
Recently, the manager of the agency wrote to me and said that
according to the criteria of my search, they found me a man. It turned
out to be you. The first letter was sent to you from a marriage
agency, which I myself wrote and gave to them. My feminine intuition
tells me that you are a good man. I decided to get to know you. Now I
am writing to you from my personal email. Therefore, answer exactly to
my email from which you received this letter.
I am looking for a worthy man who is responsible for his words and
actions. I don’t like liers. I don’t want to play the spin games. We
both must understand that we are not children any more. I am ready to
dedicate my life to the man whom I love with all heart. But he must be
a serious man who precisely knows what he wants to reach in life.
Nowadays it’s not easy to find someone whom you could trust fully. I
want to tell you at once that the age for me does not matter. age,
these are just numbers. but the most important thing is that this is a
life experience. When I switch TV, I see only horror happening
everywhere, all around the world. People start a war as they are not
able to arrive to a common view and they cannot live together in
accordance and balance.Now a very terrible war is happening between
Russia and Ukraine. I am glad that I have nothing to do and do not
live in any of these countries. I am sorry for all the people who die
there. The civilian population suffers. How do you yourself feel about
this war? Do you support someone’s position? Tell me if you are
interested. I believe people lack dialogue and all misunderstandings
could be solved through dialogue. Constant fight didn’t lead to
anything good, only people’s death and collateral damage. I read a lot
of history books in order to understand causes and consequences of
war. Have you done your military service? It would be very interesting
to know what the members of the military think about it? Probably I
cannot make it out although I graduated from Tbilisi University. Let
me say a few words about me. My name is Arina. I am 38 and I live
alone in the town Khaishi,in country Georgia. I never got married and
never had children. After my father’s death I happened to grow up and
solve all problems by myself. Since I had my own clothing trade, I
established a small business. Mostly I was occupied by managing it so
I didn’t create my private life. I like sport and activity leisure, I
try to visit the swimming pool at least twice a week. I also take yoga
classes. And I like to listen to hip-hop and R’n’B music. And now I
would like to know more about you. What kind of music do you like? I
am a realist and I realize that we live in real world. So I don’t know
if you are interested in me but I would like to receive an answer.
Kiss you, Arina.