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Good day, Ole,

I was very happy to get a letter from you. Thank you for telling me
about yourself. It was nice to get to know more about you. I am very
interested in you. And I like to start a possible relationship out as
friends first because I believe that being friends first sets the
foundation for a full relationship later and when a relationship goes
to the next level it's better and means more because two people know
each other very well.

As you know my name is Yulya. I live in Vinnitsa. I was born on the 9
of June in 1978. I live in the center of the town. My flat is not very
big. But it is cosy and comfortable for me. I like my apartment very
much. But I feel very lonely to be here. I have no any person who
waits when I come back from work. My older brother died 3 years ago in
a car accident. I still mss him. And my father passed away because of
cancer. So I have only my mother in this world. I love her very much.
I try to support her in everything. She also gives me right advices.
sometimes life can be difficult to be kind. By the way the weather is
rather cold today. But it is spring now. So at my free time I like
listening music, I like different kinds of music, but prefer calm and
romantic sounds.

Speaking about my spare time I want to say that my job takes much
time. By the way I work as a secretary. I work at the school. My job
brings me a lot of pleasure and I think that it is very important.
Sometimes my work is rather hard. Usually it can be in the beginning
of school year and in the end. In this time I have to work hardly. I
write a lot of documents, papers and I fill in a forms. And I like
children very much so I am very happy that I have such work.

But of course I have a leisure time. As for me I like different
things. I like outgoing very much. I like to joke and laugh. By the
way are you a cheerful person? I hope so. If I feel tired I prefer to
read books about romantic love then I begin to dream. As for the sport
I like swimming. I like to go to the river in summer with my friends.
Besides that I look after myself. I go to the gym three times a week.
By the way my height is 168 cm and my weight is 56 kilos. And one more
thing I can't live without is music. I like different types of music
but prefer calm and romantic songs.

As for cooking I want you to know that I like to be in the
kitchen and I don't like when someone is in my kitchen. I cook very
well. I like to cook new dishes. But my main dish is Ukrainian borsch.
Have you ever tasted Ukrainian food? I am sure you would like it.

I want to know do you like traveling. As for me I like it very much.
But unfortunately I have never been abroad. I had no opportunity to
see the most beautiful places in the world. But I hope that one day my
dream will come true. I would like to visit many countries with my

So now I want to tell you what I am looking for exactly. I want to
show you that I am for real - and I am looking for the stable,
serious, honest and reliable person. I want to be sure that my future
partner is not going to hurt me, and I want to love and be loved.
Because I have a heart which full of love but I have no man to give
him this love. Can you be this person? I think we can't give the
answer to this question now. But time will show us. Don't you think

As for my personality I want to tell you that I am a very easy-going
person. I need love to make my grey and boring days more sunny and
jolly. I need a man to share my life, to share my love. And I promise
I will return with the same.

I don't want a penpal - I am looking for the serious relationship
which brings ma happiness in a life. So I want you to know that I am
very interested in knowing you better and I hope you will tell me more
about yourself in your next letter. I would enjoy hearing about where
you live and your life. Waiting for your replay with great impatience.


Hello my darling, Ole,

I was very happy to get a letter from you again. As you know I am very
interested in you and I like to get to know more and more about you
with every your letter. And I think you are the type of man that I
have always dreamed of and thought I would never be able to know, so I
am very grateful for your friendship and hope to become closer and
closer with every letter.

I am also very glad that we have become friends and maybe it will be a
life changing experience for us both. The thought of having found such
a beautiful person as you and knowing that you thinking of me from a
far, as I of you, excites me, even though is is early stages.

By the way Vinnitsa is located about 260 km from Kiev.

As for the third question, I agree with you it is a very good
question, and really I can't answer. Hope you don't mind, I just want
to be honest with you.

I look for honesty and trust in a man, one that is kind, loving and
considerate. I sure people would be envious of our love if it all
worked out and we together in future as a couple.

I like man that are kind and considerate, loving and loyal to their
wives and respect family. I guess I an old fashioned romantic. I like
men that take care of themselves and have self respect, I want my man
to be my best friend.

I am a romantic and for sure first date will be at a romantic
restaurant and then maybe to theatre....then walk along the beach and
look at the stars and holding hands, occasionally stealing a kiss.
Then I would like to go to a hotel with you. As you see, I have some
ideas about us. But I don't know if I hurry up. If you think so tell
me about it. If you have the same as me, I would like to know what
ideas do you have?

If everything went well and once we get know each other more
intimately of course I would like to meet you in person.

I sorry if I not answer questions as I write much and I have to go

I am thinking of you.

Hello my dear, Ole,

I was very happy to get a letter from you again. At once I want to
tell you that you are not dreaming, or I am dreaming with you. Anyway
I want you to know I have the same feelings for you.

I was thinking about you all day and hoping you write me, I not forget
you. I am always getting excited for your letters. And yes, I want to
get your photos.

I have a very good mood. I feel it because of you. You came to my
life. I think I fall in love with you more and more with every letter
you send me as I feel I am with you at the same place.

I thank you so much for your compliments towards me, it means a lot
when an absolutely good man as you thinks of me.

Have you ever met someone that looks average on the outside and then
you get to know them and then they are wonderful on the inside and
then after a little time they seem absolutely attractive and beautiful
to you.

However, when you meet someone that has inner qualities also it is a
bonus if they already are beautiful on the outside.

Sorry I get carried away, but I just want to express my feelings to
you and so you understand me more as the person.

To me love is more than just physical attraction, it is the feeling of
belonging that one gets, to feel understanding, compassion and respect
from a man. The feeling of wanting to be there for one another, to be
loving, loyal, honest and a constant support. I find sex an important
part of love, as it is wonderful when you love the person, when to
bodies become one in unison.

I not believe there distance between us as you are close in my heart.

Sorry if I write too much!

In my mind and in my heart.


Good day Franco,

Thank you for the letter once again. But I want to tell you at once
that I have no phone, I can't talk to you. But I hope you are still
interested in me, if so I want you to know that I am interested in
knowing you and I would like to get to know more about you.

I think we are very similar in what we seek! I search for a man that
is kind, considerate and loving and one that is family oriented. I
want my man to be my best friend, lover.

Like you I look for a partner that has a easy going and friendly
nature, enjoys the simple things in life, also be honest and
supportive towards me as I of him.

I want to continue to write to each other and learn more and more
about each other. I hope also our friendship continues to develop and
it could lead to a serious relationship, only time will tell. Of
course as we know each other and hoping all goes well we will then
meet and take our relationship to another level. I have simple life
here. And I am so lonely. I have a lot of love to give it to somebody.
But there is no such person. Could it be you? I want you to know that
I will do everything for my man. He will be the happiest man in the
world. Just show me who you are.

Oh, dear, I forgot to tell you one important thing. I don't know any
English. I didn't study it at school. So I speak only Russian and
Ukrainian, it is similar languages. That's why I go to the translating
firm to write you letters. Hope you don't mind.

I not drink alcohol at all, I only like white wine but only drink when
I go out dinner to a restaurant, I don't smoke. As you know I try and
keep fit.

I include photos, please send more of yourself also.

Look forward your letter.