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Olga Ilushenko

I like our communication with you. I am waiting for your letters every day! Thank you for taking the time to me. I feel your attention,
and of course it's nice for me. How is your day going? Today I woke up at 6:00 in the morning. I start every morning with a run.
I don't have time to go to the gym, so I do physical exercises at home. Sometimes I visit the pool. Now I'm back at work. I don't have much work today.
xxx, is there a beach near your house? In summer I really like to visit the beach. We go with my girlfriends to the Black Sea, it's not far here,
only 150 kilometers from us. I live alone. My parents live in a village near my town. In the village, the infrastructure is less developed,
so I preferred to live in the city. I rent an apartment. I like the apartment I rent. I have a friendly relationship with the landlady of the apartment.
I often visit my parents. My mom and dad are already elderly, they are retired. I have an older brother. My brother is 42 years old.
My brother has his own family, and he lives in Ukraine (not where the war is going on, in another part). My brother has a son and a daughter,
these are my nephews. I love my family very much! xxx, when I write you a letter, I want to tell you everything. It's a pity that there
is a distance between us. If we lived next door, we could meet in a cafe and talk endlessly. I sincerely hope that you support my dreams.
I hope that someday our dreams will come true. I'm waiting for your letter. Text me quickly...Ecaterina.