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Hi my dear. Apparently, to be happy you need to do a lot and not everything is so simple. I don't give up and do everything to keep us together. Without our meeting, we're just a virtual couple, and I don't want that. I don't want to wait for gifts from fate or wait for better times that may not come. If you and I want to be happy, we must do everything for this.

I talked to my boss and he would give me money in advance for my vacation. I also asked for help from my parents and friends. I will be able to collect 40,000 rubles, but this is all I can put on our meeting. Believe me, I did the best I could. Now it's time to ask for your help. I can't handle it all alone. Together we must participate in building our future. Together we must solve all problems and overcome difficulties and no one will do it for us. For the sake of meeting you, I am ready to give everything I have. I hope you'll get involved too. You can contact my travel company and resolve this issue with them, as well as clarify all the questions about our meeting that you are interested in them. To start preparing for our meeting, you need the entire amount.

My dear I am waiting for your answer. I hope that we will solve all this and soon we will be together. Preparation for our meeting should be done as early as possible. I kiss you and wait for your answer.
Comment #175597
Hello my dear. Now I'm just in a terrible mood and I'm crying. I was in a travel company and found out everything we need for the meeting and what documents I need. When they told me how much all this would cost, I almost fainted. I couldn't even imagine how expensive it would be. I was just broken and it seemed to me that my whole world collapsed. I so dreamed of being with you and was ready to drop everything and cross the whole world so that we were close. As usual, money ruins everything. This dirty paper does not allow two people to be happy and together. I can't calm down and I'm shaking all over. Every day I imagined how our meeting would go. I tried to imagine the emotions that I will experience when I first see you, how you will take my hand and kiss me. Now my whole world is collapsing and my whole meaning of life seems empty. I don't know what to say and what to do. My heart and soul hurts. You have become the main person in this world for me, and lately I have been thinking about our meeting, and now I understand that I cannot afford this. I need to calm down and stop crying. I hope you don't leave me because I need you the most at this moment. I will wait for your answer and hope to calm down soon.