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Kazan Russia

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Hello my love Patrik,My love as you today.My love Patrik, I is very glad to see your letter today. I am ampleased very much with your beautiful letters. My honey Patrik, yourletters warm my heart and my soul your heat and your love. I very muchlike to read your beautiful letters. It is difficult to me to livewithout you and your care. I wish to be near to you. I very much misson you, I hope, that we will soon have a meeting. My darling Patrik, Ihad today fine day on my work. I told to colleagues on my work, that Ihave the favourite person, you mine Patrik. I spoke to colleaguesabout you, about your kindness, about your strong love to me. My love,I wish to tell to you, that they are very happy and glad, that I havesuch fine person, such careful person my love Patrik. I dream of ourmeeting. I hope, that soon we will together and ours with you dreamswill be a reality. Today I go in travel agency what to learn that tome it would be necessary to arrive to you. The representative oftravel agency has told, that it is necessary for me to issue the visaand still some documents to arrive to you. Cost of all documents 350euro. My love Patrik, I do not have such money. I do not know, whatto me to do, how to me to be? I hope you can help me with this sum ofmoney and I can arrive to you, my favourite. I do not know that to meto do. My love it is very a shame to me to ask from you the help withmoney, but I do not know that to me to do. My darling Patrik, you canhelp me? You will help me to arrive to you that we were together andthat our dreams became a reality. My love, I hope for your help. Mylove, I will look forward your letter.Yours Valentina

Hello my love Patrik,Many thanks for your letter and for your song. My sweet each time itis very pleasant to me to receive your new letters. For me they meanmuch. I live, I live one you! I think of you every minute. I do notknow where you, as you... To me now so it is lonely in a distance fromyou Patrik. I live only one I think that soon we will together.Only this thought allows to me to live forces further. About, my God,as it is difficult to live in a distance from the favourite person.And I dream now only of one. About our meetings. I dream that soon wewill together and nothing can prevent to be to our loving heartstogether. I dream to wake up every morning, inhaling aroma of yourbody. To spend a hand on yours face. To touch your body. My thoughtsit is constant only about you wash the sweet. My love ok, leave to methe phone number, that call you. As I will try to create msn tocommunicate to you in online. I wish to look simply at you, on youreyes, on your lips. I want that they caressed me. Now I live only onehope... Hope that soon these dreams become a reality. My darling,gentle, tender, native...... You for me the most expensive......Patrik, You are necessary to me as air.... You for me the sky, thesun, clouds, the moon and stars..... You one in my heart...... Myworld.... My Universe.... I want that you were mine and only mine... Iwant that your sight demented me, your voice forced heart to fightmore often...... You for me all the most expensive and desired.Without you I cannot breathe, exist, live..... You for me an unusualmiracle. You for me the paradise flower, which aroma deliver pleasure.Your letters my light ray of happiness in this gloom of infinite,identical days........ I live only expectation of our meeting.... Ilive only one you..... You my rescue and a joy.... Patrik, You myhappiness and the future........ I wish to be dissolved for ever inyou, to obey you and to be yours forever. To me it is now very lonely,it because you are not present nearby. And only thought on that thatsoon we will together does me happy. I want, that also you felt inparadise when I will be with you. I will make all that you went mad ofpleasure in my passionate embraces... I trust that it becomes fast areality. My prince Patrik I will wait for your letter.Yours for ever Valentina