Scammer Olga Rudenkova Olya

9th Nov. 1986
Minsk, Belarus
Agronomicheskay 23, Smolevichi

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Olga Ruenkova (alias Volha Rudziankova) from Smolevichi (Minsk region, Belarus) has scammed me of almost $30,000+ USD through an online romance scam for women looking for marriage in Belarus. I first met her online on May 3rd, 2020. I was in an online relationship with her till July 2022 for 2.5 years. I visited her twice during this time for brief periods. During this time, I proposed to her and she accepted my marriage proposal. She never bothered to introduce me to her family or friends during the entire relationship. The whole relationship was a sham without commitment where she had me buy her expensive gifts and send her cash transfers thru Western Union and Money Gram. Gifts included expensive gold jewelry, iPhone, clothes, coats, shoes, purses, perfumes, car repairs, money for English classes etc. She also had me buy lingerie from Victoria Secret few months into the relationship even though I had never met her in real life. I also bought her an expensive engagement ring during my trip to Belarus in October 2020.

Unfortunately, it wasn't until recently when I realized what she was up to. I promptly broke off the relationship with her because she was just using me. I realized that she is a professional MANIPULATOR who uses men from the West for monetary benefits. She played with my emotions and mentally abused me throughout the relationship giving me tremendous stress. I have also reported Olga Rudenkova (Volha Rudziankova) to the law enforcement authorities in both United States & Canada.

Please avoid this SCAMMER!!! She knows how to play men, she is a Gold Digger!

DO NOT TRUST anything she says! She is a professional LIAR!!!
You can also find her on many scammer sites if you search for her names on Google & Yahoo.
Comment #175361
Hi! Dude, it looks like you have bad taste and are really unfamiliar with the Slavic race, it seems.
Comment #175372
@DFHM what do you mean? Please explain what you mean.

I know I made a lot of mistakes with thel lady. She is a really good con artist...
Comment #175448
Scammer is almost 36 years old now (born 9th November, 1986)

Here is some additional information on her:
- Will make you buy gifts for her family including her mother ELENA & daughter ANNA
- Her Skype ID is olga.21.08. Location is shown as Florida, US even though she lives in Belarus
- She may also use her GMAIL address to correspond with you.
- SCAMMER has no decent job and is mainly unemployed
- Will ask you to buy her a car so don't fall for it!
- Has a BIG EGO and is very STUBBORN
- She has a major ANGER control issue.
- She is a MASTER MANIPULATOR and ABUSER of men!
- She is a HABITUAL LIAR!!!
- Please don't fall for her sob story, fake tears and lies!!! Don't believe a word she says!