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The summary story with Victoria,

She contacted me through the meeting Site of, the first time the May 23, 2008. We exchanged of numerous mails and photos. She was rather kind and motivated. She had said to me that she was a student and that she ended her university at the beginning of July. She asked me to send her some money to pay the translations service. So, I sent her 150 $ + 130 $. This lady is very beautiful, maybe too much? I had a doubt that she was maybe a woman swindler. So, I have check in the list of the women swindlers and somewhere else but I did not find anything against her. Absolutely nothing! (I suppose that she is a new woman swindler). I thought that this lady looked only for a foreign man to get married. Why not? Furthermore, she had given me all the information about her; name, first name, address and her number of Mobile phone!

Victoria asserted me that she was very real and that she did not intend to take my money.

So, the June 30, I inform her that I shall come to meet her at Kharkov on July 11 and where I’ll back on July 16. She had said to me that she would take some holidays. The July 12, I still confirm my journey.

The July 9, Victoria informs me that she received a "telegram" of her mother and that she had to go out some days of Kharkov and that she would give me news from her.

When I arrived at Kharkov,
- I have sent her a SMS on her Mobile phone, she never replies to me.
- I have sent her email with the number phone of my apartment which I rented but she has not called me.

If Victoria “love me so much” she have keep my mobile phone number. Why she has doesn’t call me or send me a SMS?

I no had any more news of Victoria!

Some letters of Victoria;

The May 28, 13h14
Hello my sweetheart!!!
I hope you are not mind that I call you like this. But I not have another word that expresses my feeling to you. I very like your photos, especially that where in one four pictures. Very funny look :-). I am very glad to meet with you. I am so happy that I meet so kind, so interesting, so intelligent man.

I couldn't imagine that ill find here so wonderful man. I see my future with beloved man, about whom I care and who cares about me. I want fall in love and not lose my love. And make his life every day better and better. I want that he will be my air, sun and world. I know that it will be not so easy but I will try and I know that I can. I think that what impossible with effort can be possible. If you want some thing, really want all your dreams will be reality. Need just do one's best. I know that we not has so much time for knowing each other better but even that few letters what I received from you make me feel with you very comfortable. And I like you. Really like you. And want that our relation continues till we meet in real. Because I really feel attraction to you. Your letters are so honest and sweet, that I think that I know you in real. You know our purposes in life are very same. I very like to travel, and see new places. I very don't like cold weather and winter, and my dream from childhood to live in some warm, tropical country. Near water, sea or some lake, where will be no noise how in big city.

Some of your interests, hobbies are same with my, and its make me so happy that I want smile every second. I hope that you also think that I am such as you wanted to find. That in me you see such person whom you want and can say beloved. I'm tired from loneliness, I have so much love, so much passion in my heart that doesn’t want hides it from you. I want lavish care upon you.

I not have some one imagine about ideal man, because no one is ideal, that who press towards to ideal I respect. I need in my man only that he love me, respect me and care about me.

I don't want to be mistaken that I choose you my man. I don't want make you confused and scared but it’s a truth, I want to be with you honest and frankly. It’s my dream to see you one day in real, and see you as my life partner, my beloved man. I don't want to push on you, but who knows what will happened, every thing is only in our hands. We build our happiness and love. I know it’s not so easy to make good relation, but if burn with the desire every dreams will be and can be realize.

With this reflection I want finished my letter. And want that you think about this very serious. I want that you know that I am really serious with you and hope from your side it will be not opposite.

Take care there please and don't forget about me.

Loving hug you and kiss you.

Your sweet Victoria.

The May 29, 09h18

Hello my sweetheart, my sunflower!
I am so happy and glad to see your lovely letter. You can’t imagine what happen with me when I see and read your letter. I want to fly and smile, want share my happiness with other, want that other people see how much you make me happy. You are so far but when I see your sweet letter I not feel that. I feel that you are with me. That you are so close and I can share with you my smile, my happy mood, my hug. You make me so happy.

And my ideal man is a knight on the white horse!!! :-), which came from far country and take me to his castle on beach of sea, where we will live all life happily. How, good fairy tale? :-). Yes some time happened in real. And hope that some day will happen with me.

I think I have most of that characterization what you want see in your ideal girl. :-)
With out joking. I can not say that all people but most of them had not good experience in the past and did mistakes on choosing. But we all continue our seeking, searching our one soul mate, or ideal. And I am so happy that I found you. I lived before in darkness and you bring I my life sunshine, you bring happiness in my life. You so deep in my heart that I cant take you from it.

And that fact that I can lose you is killing me. You become important part in my life. I know that now when our relation just beginning I have any right to ask you about some thing, and especially about this, but I am in blank despair. I don't know what I can do. I hope you will understand me and support me.
You know that my English so poor that I need take help from translator. For talking to you. I have job, but since few days situation are changed and I start take a little low salary.

I am in despair. How I will contact with you, how ill pay for translation my letters to you. Its very hard for me to ask you about this and I feel a shame for this, I am so sorry. But it’s hard for me to pay now for translation, and may be you will be able to help me with this my problem. I not ask too much, just for translation. I know its look strange but hope its will not make you away from me.

And when situation will changed ill never ask you about money. For me it’s very difficult to take money from people. But now there is no other way. I don't know what you will think now about me, but please don't think bad about me, don't go away from me.

I am very sad now and don't want to tell you bye. We just start to know each other and I am sure that we are soul mates. I hope that you will not change your decision about us, and ill see your letter soon.

With love, your Victoria.

The May 30, 12h45
Hello my sweet Thierry!!!
Thank you that you are still with me, I want to tell you sorry again and again for putting you at such situation, just understand I don't want to lose you I really need you very much, before you I felt so bad, but with the advent of you everything has changed.

I've lend a little money at my friend to be able to write you this letter, because I don't want to stop our communication, I'm sure we have a lot of good things together in our future. I am really, really happy that you are with me. Of course ill be best guide for you.

You really great and so funny. I’ll speak on Russian language and you on French language. I think we will find good understanding. Its will be really funny. I’ll show you best places in Kharkov. But about three bottle of vodka, I think it’s will be too much. You made me smile and laughing, when I read about how we will spent time by killing mosquitoes:-D.

You know ill finished my study this year so after this ill be free, and can go any where. And on sky also with you my cosmonaut. :-) In next letter ill tell you more about my study ok. And about every thing what you want to know.

Darling, for translation of each letter I pay $5 and for printing or scanning photo $2. Also this translating firm, which I use provide unlimited services on month, it's cost pretty nice ($200). Unlimited month of translating services means that we will be able to write to each other unlimited amount of letters whole months and to send to each other unlimited amount of photos. Please decide yourself what is more convenient for you.

I feel terrible to speak about it, because I ask you about it, please forgive me.

You will need some information about me.

My past address : Ukraine, Kharkov
Sumskaya St. 127
Viktoria Artamonova

My mobile number is : +38 0937 550 662

Address of bank : Ukraine, Kharkov
Artema St. 46

With this line ill finished.
Waiting for your letter.
Already miss you.

Tight hug you and many time warm kiss you.

Your Viki

The May 06, 12h14
Hello, hello my dear Thierry !!!
Its me again :-), Hope you not mind :-D Joke... I know that you are not mind, my sweet.

You see I sent to you two photos. First one its I going to university by public transport :-D and second its me last summer :-). How I look ? :-)
Hope you like.

My classes are finished and now I have time for sending to you letter. Quickly. Because that I need go to my work, where I will be till 6.00 PM.
My God.... :-(

You see I am very energetic :-) can find time for every thing. Yes I am sure that you are my prince at the weight horse. And if you wish we can be like Bony and Clyde, but our names sound better Thierry and Viktoria.... Ohh, I wish to be with you right now. Wish to touch you and kiss you, tell you sweet words, hear your wonderful laughter, see your smile. Want make you happy every minute, every moment.

Unfortunately I need finished with this line, and hope that soon can sent to you my another letter.
Take care there, please, for me. You are in my mind, you are in my blood.

Kiss you and hug you, my sweet Thierry.

With love your Viki

The June 16, 16h08
(I have informed Viktoria that I have doubt about her. She reply me)

Hello my dear Thierry !!!
I did not receive your sms and did not saw your letters till today. Because I told you before that agency not work in Saturday and Sunday, so I couldn't see your letters.
It’s not my last letter, and what happened I really not understand. We was planning our meeting, I told you that I will be free after 10.07, free from exams and can give you all attention. We was ready meet in July and .............. what happened I not understand. I don't love money, you don't know me and I not need from you money, you asked me about passport.
I even not think about that take for this from you money, you asked I gave answer. I did not asked you that you sent to me money for this. You asked me that I found somebody for you in Kharkov. It’s some girl with whom you had correspondence before? I think that I am right. You lost contact with that one and you not think that she can be scammed, because not contact with you. Yes many situation can happened in life but why about me you think and sure that I am not real and that one is real. You can make really mistake and do wrong choice.
And I am ready for meeting with you, and I am a real.
I think about my future, not only about today. And I think about my future with you. Please, don't leave me, I really need you, I not imagine my life with out you now.
I falling in love with you and I love you. what I did wrong that you think like this, please forgive me if I did some thing wrong. But I really not understand what happened with you.
Please don't go from me. Less than one month and we can meet.
I can't think now about my exam, and ill not pass it. But I don't care. Most important for me it’s you now. Before I really live in darkness and you bring light and happiness in my life. You are part of me. I love you.
Please, don't leave me............. please................ please............
I love you
Your Viki

The June 30, 13h00

Hi hi my sweetheart, my Thierry !!!
Yeah, I am still have power for finished my exam. Are you laugh on me ?:-D

By the way when I am sleep I make so much noise like dinosaur, and neighbours very afraid and not sleep all night. And very soon will do hunting, of me. :-D

If serious, than I sleep like a baby, like a child. Not make some noise and not disturb some one.

Oh, I spent very good week end :-D. I sleep all days :-D In Saturday till 4.00 PM and in Sunday till 2 PM :-D. Very goooooooooooodd !!! Must to tell you.
My brain take so much rest that today is not work, sleepy. I did not hunting in real, but in my dreams I hunting a lot.

And you, woooow, you had great week end. I am happy for you. :-D You enjoyed of weather in mountains. Very good.

I see that my Thierry is back? Smile and laugh, and joke. I like it so much. You are so funny. You make me so happy.

I’ll try to help you my sweetie, and will tell you news about it. And yes my sweetie, I received your transfer, thank you.

You are really great person. Do you know that? You have so much ideas and visions in you mind. You must be a writer. You can write some romantic book or some book for children. I am sure that you can.
You really great.

Have a great day and take care.
Double kiss you.
With love, your Viki.

The July 9, 10h08
(Regrettably the last mail had been put by mistake in "spam list" by Sunrise. Finally, I found it!) Victoria informed me that she get a “telegram” from her mother!!!

My dear Thierry ,
I don't know why you did not received my letters. If I can I sent to you copy but they not save it.

I am so sorry about that what ill tell you now. You know how much I want meet with you, it’s my wish. But yesterday I received from my mother telegram where she wrote
to me that have some problem with health and need that I came. And now just I sent to you letter I’ll go to bus station and go to my town. I don't know what is going one with us.
I am so sorry. When ill come to my home ill se what happened there, and if every thing will be good till Friday I’ll come, if not than I’ll stay there t’ill next
week. If you can, may be you can postpone your coming for 1 week? But if every thing will be fine, I’ll give you to know it, by mail or message. I am so sorry for this, please forgive me.
I need to go now, I am very worry.
Take care, please.
I am sorry.
Your Viki.