Scammer Kristina Scherbinina Liya Silver

Liya Silver
Feb 25,1999, 23
+380 72 2011334, +7 911 9768796
Moscow, Russia; St Petersburg, Russia; Donetsk, Ukraine
St Petersburg, Russia
unknown, Instagram, OnlyFans, Twitter

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Comment #174673
She sent me a letter on the dating site. She said she wanted to get out of the porn industry and needed my emotional support. She said her contract with the porn agent was expiring soon. The date of the expiration kept moving to a later month. Details in chats did not match details from Social Media and personal interviews on the internet. Then social media photos revealed she had cut her hair short. She denied getting a hair cut and said it was a wig. Photos surfaced on her friends social media that pinpointed when she got a haircut and that she was not in the city she said she was in. When confronted, she said she had been lying to protect herself and her privacy. Promised to tell the truth. Kept having discrepancies from chat and social media posts on her sites and on friends sites. She could not explain why her friends posts did not match what she said in chat. Eventually, she agreed to meet in Germany, then she found a reason to have an argument and refused to meet. Became upset if she found I had chatted with another woman, but she would post videos of her having sex with her friends online. She had said that she was no longer making porn videos. First said that video of sex with friend was private and was leaked. The video was also posted on the friends site. She then said that her manager forced her to make the video to promote her OnlyFans site. I told her that either the video was personal and proved she was cheating on me, or it was for promotion, and therefore sign she was continuing to make porn. She said that if she has sex with friends it is not cheating, but if I chat with a woman, it is cheating. Too many inconsistencies and too many excuses that did not add up correctly.
Comment #174826
well buddy, i had also a relationship with a former pornstar, Tiffany Holiday. In fact, this is impossible. They have to much mental problems and just and easy, the most of them, are addicted also. The end with Angela, real name of Tiffany Holiday, she go back to her toxic lesbian GF and marry her. You can bring the Girls out of the brothel, but not the brothel out of them.