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Ukraine ..Odessa
Ukraine ..Odessa

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for a year he sent me messages from the website, the messages also had erotic content, I did not reply to anyone ,until I received another message from the website that said that I could give the girl one chance;
I decided to start a conversation with her
I spent 3000 credits worth about 800 euros to ask for her details so we can talk at no cost
this happened and they only gave me her email
so with 2 emails between us we started talking on the telegram to have a chat
on the site she was still active, and when I asked her why she was active she answered that she is not and that she has lost the codes,
but I was still receiving messages from her, basically not hers but from an electronic robot because she wrote to me differently from what we were discussing in the telegram,
The end result was to buy a gift from the website worth 1000 euros to sell it to get money to get a passport to come to Greece, I'm an idiot who gave it,
So as soon as I bought the gift, our communication stopped suddenly ,, while he wrote to me almost every hour and asked me various things, suddenly he did not answer and did not write to me ,, fortunately because I had to give another 1000 euros for another gift because the first 1000 they did not arrive hahahahahahahaha
Also I could not even call her by phone from the telegram, while she could,
not even in a normal call, because when I called her he probably blocked my number
I'm still receiving messages from a bot on the website from her account
the message says
good evening have you been here a long time on this site?
have you found a girl? do you want to meet us up close hahahahahahahaha Clean bot that is