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Irina, Ira

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Hello John!!!!!!!!!!!!

How are you there? Hope fine as you made me pleasantly surprised with your message. Thank you a lot for it.

Well, and now I suppose it is my turn to tell about myself. As it was mentioned in my profile my name is
Irina, or just Ira. I live in the eastern part of Ukraine. It is Vasilivka, Zaporogie region.

I was born in May, 15 and now I am almost 25 years old. Live here with my younger sister Ann,
who is 17, and a granny. So, yes, my family is small. I am trying to be the head of it, so work as a designer
on oil-painting company. and in my free time I give private classes of English to people who need this.
It helps me to do what I like, moreover, brings extra funds. Talking about the languages, I also study Italian
when I have time. But for now I still have not good level of it, but I am trying to do my best.

As for my qualities, people say I am sincere and kind girl, sometimes maybe too kind but that's I am.
The most I appreciate honesty. No matter how people are far from each other and what kind of relations
they want to have, I am sure they have to be honest all the time, as trust, honesty and respect is the
basis of any relations.

As for my likes, I've already told you that I am fond of foreign of languages.I think this can characterize me
hard-working person. I need to have an aim in my life and to do everything possible and impossible to realize it.

So, now I am just looking for my second part, for a man to give the love and warmth I have in my heart.
So, hope to success in this.
What about you, what are you doing in your life?? I am sure you have a lot of things to say.
I will be waiting for your story impatiently!
But think it is all for today.
I will be waiting to hear from you soon I hope to find your thoughts and your dreams in it.

Your new friend Irina