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Hello my dear !

How is your day going? Our communication acquires new facets this is obvious and understandable...

It gives me a great pleasure to read again and again your messages which are like a storm that suddenly begins and also suddenly subsides ...

To be together in body and soul can only be compared with perfection probably this is the ultimate happiness ...

Today I work all day and then I have to go home. Then a shower, a meal and a quick trip to the gym. I try to exhaust myself to the maximum extent, so that at home I will not face emptiness. But now I think that emptiness is powerless, because I have you and your messages inside me!!!!!

Of course it's a pity that you are far away, I would love to talk to you in person. I do not know why, but I want to take care of you - make you lunch or dinner or give you a blanket and bring you tea and goodies.

Or just wait for you at home with impatience, or sit by your side while you sleep and guard your sleep and always trust...

Most dating with men ends quickly because they are not interested in my inner world,

they are only interested in my appearance, men look at me like a beautiful doll,

It's not interested in my inner world, that is, my soul.

Most men think that if a girl is beautiful, it necessarily requires only money, beautiful clothes and jewelry, fun entertainment.

But that is not true! That doesn't apply to me! I do not hide that I like to dress up, but not to the detriment of the budget!

Many men think that if they have money, the woman will be theirs! But that's not true!

On the contrary! A woman wants to be loved, to be complimented,

but also that the man is caring and proves his words with deeds.

I'm tired of being alone, I'm tired of coming home, and no one is waiting for me at home!

I want to come home and know that my loving man is waiting for me at home!

It would be nice if, after being held up at work, I came home,

and my lover is waiting for me at home, we kiss and sit down to dinner) It seems like a small thing,

But it's a nice little thing that I really miss in my life!

There are a lot of little moments in life that are joyful! Do you agree with me?

What is your biggest fear in your life? I'm afraid of being alone in my life,

Because I still haven't been able to find my beloved half, the man with whom I will feel like the happiest woman in the world.

My fear when I come home and the emptiness everywhere is sometimes not even a place to sit...

Comparing your first and last posts you have started to write more - I am very much pleased...I see your real world more and more.

Our conversations are not boring on the contrary there is a new facet rather it is a manifestation of purposefulness and strong inner peace.