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Tell me truth! You are afraid of me?
Please don't be afraid.
I will come secretly! No one will know about me!
Only you can help me! I tried to find the money,
but could not. Please trust me. I will not deceive you!
Today I learned that there are international payment systems -
WorldRemit, RIA and MoneyGram. And if you agree to help me, then
You can easily send money from your country to me in Kazakhstan.
I was told that it is very simple and will not take you much time.
You can find the closest office to you through their websites –
To send me money you only need to enter my details -
My full name is INNA KIRICHENKO.
My address -
Fyrmanov koshesi (street) 5,
poselok(village) Maleyevsk, Altai district,
East Kazakhstan region, 070814, Kazakhstan.
Here is my phone number +77783901496.
You can even send money online through their websites,
With your credit card.
You won't even need to leave the house.
Agree that it is very convenient?!
Just do it! And in 2 weeks we will be together!

Yesterday I buried my grandfather. I am very sad.
I see God didn't hear me and you didn't help me.
This is very disappointing. I was very sad to check my mail today.
Do you not feel sorry for me. Why do you treat me like a woman of
the second grade. I haven't done you any harm.
Yes, many women were deceiving,
but understand main thing that I differ from them.
PLEASE, HELP ME. I am desperate, you are my last chance to change my life.
Do you have no human compassion for another's grief?
And do you not want to help me?
You are very unfair if you think that I want to deceive you!
Yesterday, employees at the bank said that in your country
it is not large amount. And I don’t understand why you refuse me.
Understand main thing! - I don't ask to give! I ask in debt.
I will give you money back!
I will come to you! I PROMISE! I get not just a visa,
but a residence permit! I can work and will get citizenship of your country!
Just imagine that one your small step will save PERSON! HELP ME!
Trust your heart. I'm sure it tells you - help this unfortunate girl change
her life and be happy together. Your deed will be appreciated in heaven.
I'm sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If you believe in God, then help. Because He sees that my thoughts are pure.
With sad regret in my heart I finish my letter.
I want to say only this words - SAVE ME! HELP ME!
your Inna.