Scammer Olga Pashinskaya Olya, Olga Pashinkaya, Leyla, Little Olya.

Olya, Olga Pashinkaya, Leyla, Little Olya.
aproximadamente 33 years old / 8 november.
Luhansk, Ucrania, Ukraine.
Molodezhnyy, edificio 13, apartmento 70.

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Dijo ser veterinaria, ella inició el contacto. Dijo querer salir de Kiev, que pidió dinero a otros, que conmigo fue muy fácil. le envié ayuda, luego cortó el contacto antes de la guerra. Dijo haber sido gimnasta profesional envió fotos de niña como gimnasta, no envió foto de su titulo profesional cuando se lo pedí. No envia fotos de sus padres, porque dice que no quiere molestarlos. Dice que una bomba en 2014 destruyó las fotos de su casa.
En 1 mensaje dijo querer ir a chile a verme, y ser feliz, formar una familia. Le dije que soy de Brasil, le dije desde siempre. Creo que estafa a otras personas a la vez. cuidarse.

State name: Ukraine
Name of the city: Luhansk
Street: Molodezhnyy
Number of Building: 13
Number of rooms: 70-----------------------------------------------

<[email protected]> escribió:
Hi F! You start asking me for the impossible again ??? How will
I take a photo? Do I have to constantly ask someone else's phone? Why
are you putting me in a humiliating position?

What document do you want me to scan ??? What for? I do not have a
profile on VK or other social networks. If you want it to be easier
then send me money and I will buy a smartphone! I have a birthday
today! You could give me a gift!

I understand that you have a difficult financial situation and the
main thing is now to help me leave. The notes should also understand
me that everything is not so simple for me! Not like in a country
where there is no war!

Olya ..---------------------

<[email protected]> escribió:
Hello F! Thanks for your translation. I was able to receive
money only today. I received $ 116. In total, you sent me 130 + 116 =
246 dollars.

Dear, as soon as I have the required amount, I will begin to act. An
exit permit costs about $ 55, a test that must be passed upon
departure costs $ 50, and a journey to Kiev costs an average of $ 100.
Then I will book transport and accommodation. The apartment costs
about $ 300. When I settle in and settle down, I will go to an
employment agency. My classmate works there. She got married and left
for Kiev to live for a long time.

Honey, I'm sorry, but I won't buy a phone. A smartphone in Luhansk
costs about $ 250. In order for it to catch the Internet, it must be a
phone of average quality. Because the internet is bad here. You can
buy a phone cheaper, but then it doesn't make sense. And if I do that,
then I will spend all the money you sent me. And then I won't be able
to leave in December !!! I am looking forward to the day of departure
as the best day of my life !!! I think you understand me!

Life is unpredictable! Can turn you in any direction. It can deprive
you of joy, and after a while it can give you your dream and make you
a happy person! And now my life has brought me to the threshold of my
happiness! I met you! I am grateful to you for what you are doing for
me! I felt when butterflies fluttered inside me! I found you, my only,
dear, dear person! It is incredible happiness to realize that soon we
will be together! This is female happiness! And it did not pass me by!
I will protect our relationship with you!

Olya ..---------------

Dear Olga:
you told me all this things in 2 previous letters. Anyways, give me the reason why you won´t send me any photos of your relatives ? and with your parents, and with your friend ? at least, if you are with your friend in home, you can take many pics with your family.
you can send me the number of your friend, to make a contact in whatsapp with you. i´ll text there and you will say me when it´s convenient for you, to make a video call , it´s convenient at this time in the day for me, because i´m with low work at the mornings in this time.
i´m sending many letters, and you can´t write dear ?
wait your response.
Nice day.

Libre de virus.

El lun, 29 nov 2021 a las 5:35, <[email protected]> escribió:
Hey! Dear, I will not do my relatives' photo shoot for you! When we
are together, I will introduce you to my parents and friends. If you
still doubt me, then I can call you from the phone of my friend via
the Wats up video link. This is all I can do now at this stage (((When
I have a telephon, everything will be different!

Darling, I also feel lonely without you. When we are together, I want
us to do everything together .. talk a lot, tell each other about
everything .. maybe even something that didn’t tell anyone .. Thank
you for being with me. Yes, you are near, despite the distance. I see
your eyes when I close my…. They are so beautiful, so lovely…. You are
always there…. You are in my heart, in my soul, in my dreams, in my
thoughts, in my mind, in my life. I feel bad without you, sad, boring,
dreary. I miss you so much…. I want to burn with a spark in your
unforgettable embrace, I want to feel every line of your face, I want
to enjoy your voice….

your Olya ..

[email protected]
jue, 2 dic 2021, 9:11
para mí

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Hi F. I think we are discussing the same thing in every letter!
Photos and many other property suffered during the shelling! My
parents do not want to be photographed and send photos !!! I explained
to you that I will introduce you to them when we meet and will be
together! I asked my friend to be photographed for you, but she does
not want to do the same categorically! I can’t force her to do it. I
just needed not to tell her what it was for you .. I’ll ask my friend
when she can give me her phone number to call. It is difficult for you
to understand my position, but this is normal, you weren’t there and
therefore you won’t understand it .. But I don’t need it, because no
one should live like that !!!

my kisses .. Olya .. I always think about you and miss ..-----------------

Hello dear F.

We went through more than 3 months of relationship in the
correspondence mode. It’s not easy .. But we did it and move on to our
meeting. We can do more if we are together ..

We can be together and develop further our relationship only if we are
patient and love each other with unconditional love! We had such love,
with a test, and therefore, we must go through all this and then
receive what we dream of ..

As soon as you can send money, we will be one step closer to each
other .. Darling, you sent me $ 240. In order for me to be able to
leave here and settle in Kiev, I need 550 dollars. If you could send $
300 this month, I can leave right away! The situation in our country
is very aggravated and the troops are pulling in. You've heard about
it??? I am very afraid and I want to leave faster !!!

This weekend I was with my parents. We had the first snow) It is very
beautiful around. You must understand that there is a very difficult
situation and a curfew .. There is not much to do here and therefore I
don’t have interesting stories ..-----------------------------

Hi F! Honey, can you only send $ 130 a month ??? I only need
550, which means that I have to wait every 3 months ??? I am very

I have a birthday on November 8, I hoped that I could already be on a
peaceful territory. This would be the best birthday in the last 7
years of the war .----------------------------

Do you want to know about my dreams? I dream to always be by your
side. For you to be my man. I want to follow you, follow you. I want
to love you, I want to make you happy. I dream so much to fall asleep
under your "wing" and, waking up, immediately see your eyes, your
smile, feel your warmth. I want to accompany you to work, kiss and
wave my pen after you, I want to cook different goodies for you, wait
for you, get bored, look out the window and jump out into the street
to meet you. I want to always be in your arms, I want to feel your
strength, your protection, your love.

your Olya ..
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no dejarse engañar. uno busca la felicidad en una eslava. creo que hay muchas que se ganan la vida con alguien ayudando atrás, y sacan dinero de ello. Hay que ir a Rusia o Ucrania (luego de la guerra) en persona a buscar pareja, hablar en forma personal.
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Sazonova Vladislava
Luhansk, Ukraine
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