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I apologize for not writing to you for so long! It was a real challenge for me to live without your letters!
The whole point is that my computer broke down at work. And my boss blamed it on me. I do not know when they will fix the computer, but now I am writing to you from the Internet cafe. Because that's the only way I can communicate right now.
But I can't afford internet cafe :(
After all, I had to pay a fine for a broken computer. Also I just gave almost all money I had for the rent of my apartment and have only for cheap food.
But now the worst thing for me is that I was left without the opportunity to be in touch with you! You are very dear to me and I want to continue our communication. I want to plan our meeting! I really want to be with you! I want to hug and kiss you, I want to hold your hand! Fall asleep and wake up in your arms!
I am very ashamed to say this, but I have no other choice, because losing you is my greatest fear! I can't survive this!
That's why I'm asking you, as my closest friend and the man I like. Maybe you can help me with the internet cafe so we can stay in touch and plan our meeting? If I had a different way of communicating, I would never have asked you for help! I hope you understand that!