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Classical email scammer possibly from Ukraine. Putting email that he/she send me


How are you? that is me, Olena from the site!:) Thanks for
showing interest in me, I am flattered :) so now it is my
turn to flatter you? :)

How have you been doing today? I hope thinking of mysterious
woman on the dating site... about me? :) Hope that we will
like each other! if you like simple woman, but the one who
has much love and passion to give, then here I am :)

Please feel free to write me back! I will tell you more
about myself in the next letter! so please do not forget
that I am waiting for you reply!

Please have greatest day!


Hi again !

Thank you a lot for your reply! I appreciate that! How was
your day? :) My was just an ordinary one until your letter
came to make it better :) any plans for the evening?

I thought some photos would be attached to your letter...
are you a bit shy? please do not be :) I will not bite. :)
please share some with me if you have them, ok?

I think I forgot to tell you where I live! well, obviously
Ukraine :) town is Lutugino! Not a big one! Used to be very
green and nice. but now.. well, things changed a lot due to
situation between Russian and Ukraine. what about your
town? Do you like big city or small town? Do you like your
job? Hope you manage to combine fun with job! I used to do
it when was working at hairdressers. now I work in small
shop. sell diary products! not too exciting :) How is your
family doing? are you in strong relationships with them?

What are your hobbies? I like sports! I can even watch
football games! are you a fan? Do you like nature? I love
it! can spend the whole day on open air! Would you like to
have a picnic with me in the park and feed squirrels? :) Do
you like music? I love it, most genres except rap! I love to
sing but people say that I should not because mice run away
from house when I sing :)) so you will have to deal with it
if you want us to be together :)

Ok Andreas, I think it is time to finish this long letter!
hope you did not lay your sleepy head on your keyboard
reading it! Please reply me soon :) have a nice day!


Comment #173295
She sent me these same two photos under the name Albina. Same scam letters. I asked for a videocam and never heard back from her
Comment #174389
This scammer just contacted me. I have been contacted trough