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Comment #173231
Classical email scammer possibly from Ukraine. Putting email that he/she send me


It's me, Vita. I asked your e-mail address and now I try to
reach you here. Hope I did everything correct and you can
find this letter. At least let me know about it please.
Truthfully, I feel a bit nervous and exciting as I've never
tried to date this way and not even sure where to start. At
least that's the easiest way for me to keep our
communication than through the site or elsewhere. I can
write you whenever I can and you can do the same. I think
that's much more private and possibly secured and I won't
need this site anymore.

I am rather skeptical to such kind of ways of relationships
as I suppose that rather fits to pen pal but I would like to
give a try to create something more serious. I think this
all situation with the Covid-19 made people think different,
try different options that they never tried before. I would
like to create long term relationships, to have my own
family and maybe kids, to enjoy the life with my beloved
one, to face all happy moments together and struggle with
difficulties together. Feel a bit weird to imagine of it
knowing you are many kilometers away right now but who knows
maybe we can overcome it.

I like you and I would like to get to know each other more.
I would like us to talk to this topic too. Can you please
tell some more about yourself, your life style, your daily
routine and hobbies, your good and bad habits, about your
family? I would also like to know more about why you are
here and what kind of woman you are looking for and what

Hope not too much questions in the beginning. Anyway, I'll
look for your reply:-)

Comment #173839
hope you don't mind if I call you this way? I'm rather
modest person but truthfully when I'm with you I feel some
kind of comfort. Seems like I'm secured and open to share
anything. I like this feeling and I think that's rather a
good sign for us. At least, frankness is one of the main
things to create a good spirit between people in
relationships I guess. It creates trust which is a key. And
I like that I can trust you. Of course I have not a wide
experience in relationships especially when it comes to
remote relationships (not sure if that's the most correct
word but hope you understand what I mean) but that's my
point of view.

Good that life in your area are getting least
restrictions should be easier. I hope from what I write you
can imagine my life here. At least, in most of ways that's
pretty ordinary but of course this covid and also the
martial law reflects its effects too. Fortunately I have a
job even since it's a big problem with it here and even in
spite on average salaries here too. I earn about $250-$280 a
month. It doesn't give much issues to save of course as most
of it is spent for the very basic needs. Truthfully, I was
hesitating whether to tell you this or not but even now when
I write you I need to spend money as I do it at the cafe
where I rent the computer and connect to Internet to write
you. But I have no much options at the moment as I don't
even have a smartphone. That should be way easier with it of
course. Truthfully, the something I saved earlier I almost
spent for our communication and now I need to find more. I
write you this because I'm afraid not to be able to keep
writing to you soon. I'm not sure if you have any
possibility to least I hope so. I think that's
smarter to buy a smartphone, even a used one. I find it's
real to buy the one for about $150. Hope that's not a big
issue for you, honey. I apologize that I have to ask you
this. At least, if we resolve this problem it can help to
our mutual understanding and trust.
Comment #174630
The Ukrainian model is Tania Nechyporuk.