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Classical email scammer possibly from Ukraine. Putting email that he/she send me


I decided to write you this letter because I am sure that we will be
able to build a close relationship.

I am a young, feminine woman, I really love life and I have so many
wishes and ideas for my future relationships and family!

So, I need a man, a partner with whom I can do all this. Oh, what a
supply of unused love and care I have! And I need someone to whom I
will give everything.

If you want to get to know me better, if you want to meet an
interesting, cheerful and not much beautiful girl, if you are ready to
be surrounded by love and care, if you want to try something now and
start a family in the future - let's try! We must at least start with
something! We're not losing anything, so let's do it and see where
will it take us.

I look forward to your letter.

Do me a favor ... Just smile at me when you finish reading this.


Hello !!!

I was very glad to receive your reply. I just hope you smile when you
finish reading my letter. If so, then my day was not in vain.

You are a very caring man, there are probably few of them now. It's
warm and sunny there now, Cyprus is a beautiful land... I like that
you want to take care of your family, you have children, since I don't
have them yet, but I really want to) I am ready to take care of the
house and children, and also takes care of my husband. But I would
also like to work over time, I'm not used to sitting on someone's

I also really like mountains, I don't like passive recreation, I'm
interested in discovering something new...

Perhaps it's time to tell a little about yourself. I am 34 years old,
I live in the east of Ukraine in the village of Novosvetlovka. I used
to work as a veterinarian. Now I work as a salesman in a clothing
store, and sometimes I work part-time with old clients. I provide
assistance in raising healthy pets. And it gives me really positive

In 2014, before the annexation of Crimea, on the Black Sea, z worked
at the zoo, where she looked after the animals before the change of
government. But then I had to return to the east of Ukraine, because
my father was arrested by Russian troops, because he worked in the
leadership of Ukraine and has a lot of information. Then they helped
us, and the Red Cross released him.

Andreas, I'm not saying this to arouse pity in you, but to say that in
recent years I have begun to treat everything differently. And now I
appreciate every minute of my life. I understand that many modern
women are spoiled. They want to change their appearance, build a
career, gifts.

People stopped seeing joy in simple things. In emotions, care, kisses.
Strong relationships are rare now, with trust, support and
understanding. We need to learn how to talk about everything. Now most
often couples break up due to the fact that they do not communicate
with each other.

I think, Andreas, that now you understand me at least a little. I hope
that you are looking for a conflict-free, honest, thrifty, caring and
at the same time a strong woman who is ready for anything for a strong

I hope I get another email from you..

Don't forget to smile))).

Comment #173315

Confirmation is a scammer. I expect your internal passport tomorrow and an account number to send money as soon as I have everything I'll send it to you.

Comment #173334
She is a prostitut/hooker in Berlin, Germany.