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am very glad to see your letter.
How you, how your mood?
I hope, that at you all is remarkable.

I have just woken up and now at once I write you the letter. Me still as
Always the morning gymnastics, a breakfast and as it is necessary to result itself waits
In an order. I wish to prepare for myself something a lung on
Morning. Likely I will weld to myself two eggs and I will make a sandwich with
Doctor's sausage and green tea. To me of it will be enough. And that
My darling you eat in the morning before work? I have now presented,
As-as if we live with you together already some time and was set to myself
Question as our morning will begin. Likely we will be
To wake up, and at once to gather for work. I will prepare for us
Both breakfast. Then we will sit at one table and to look the friend
On the friend enamoured eyes, we will speak much. You know, I after all
The talker and you can get tired of my chatter. Then we will be
To go for work. After work we will meet at home. Then
Let's take together a warm bath and then to have supper. Likely then we
Let's watch TV or be engaged in the affairs and then we will be
To prepare for a dream. But when we will lay down, there...... All the night long
There will be almost a demon of a dream and next morning at us again pleasant weariness
And we would like to break an alarm clock that it was possible to sleep further, but
We understand, that so it is impossible. And so every day to weekenda and already in
weekend we will gain strength and to sleep much. :)) It was my joke.

Well all right wash the darling, now I will already finish the letter and I will go on
Kitchen and to make to itself a breakfast.

I will wait for your answer. I hope, that you will write to me very soon and
You will not keep me waiting long.


Yours Olga.
Hello .
There was a free minute, and I have decided to receive mail in
To hope of that there will be your letter. And as I am glad, that you
Has written me the letter. You do not represent, today such heavy day and
I so have got tired. Today I had an urgent call on the house to the patient, me
It was necessary to spend a lot of time there. We have brought the small patient in
Hospital on first aid and now I have more than free time,
To write you the letter.

You know, I have just understood one very important thing. Not important where and
As whom the person works, it is important, that it carried out the duties with
The big responsibility. For example, in my trade it is very important.
In general at the person in a life it is a lot of duties and at everyone they different.
The husband should show care of the wife in that time as the wife should
To care of the husband. If they have children they are obliged to care about
Them. If about this to all to speak, a lot of time will leave.

I consider, that each girl and the woman should be able to prepare and be
The economic. My mum since the childhood learnt me to prepare. I took
From it an example and always tried to be such, as it. Is in Russia
Such saying: «the Way to heart of the man lays through its stomach».
I think, to you the sense of this phrase is clear. The woman should be womanly
In all displays. I cannot understand some, which all as
They look, on mine even if people are married, they should care about
The appearance always. It is assured, at you in this respect same

Would like to tell still to you about what men to like me. You
You know, I cannot present for myself any ideal at all. For
Me the man in affairs and acts is most important. I love, when
The man gentle, tender and careful. But at the same time it should be
Strong, resolute and self-sufficient. I do not aspire to the beautiful
Lives, for me money and values I have no great value. For me
The peace of mind is more important. You consider as or at you other point
Sight? Tell, and what you appreciate in women? What women you have more
Like? On what you look first of all when you see
Any girl in the street? I very much would like it is the nobility.

On it I will finish the today's letter and I will send it to you.
Now I will need to prepare some papers by tomorrow,
Tomorrow to our hospital there comes check.
Big and very difficult work now is necessary to me. I wish you
Successful day.
Good-bye, Olga.