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Saint Petersburg

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enjoy your feelings 18 november 2021 6:06
Hi, how is your day? I hope all is improving. My name is Marina Frolova My native place is the city Saint Petersburg. The most windy town in the world. Where are you living? I'm just thirty-five y.o. I accepted your email address from my friend who has access to base of mailboxes for mailings. I really want to find my man in Internet. I have seen many successfull experiences. I found your account and I consider you very cute. If you feel mutually, contact me please the sooner the better. I will wait with impatience. I so deeply wait for u. Kisses and hugs. Marina Frolov.

to dear X from Marina 21 november 2021 18:59
Hello, my dear X! Thank you very much for replying to me. I am even
honored and you cannot imagine how excited I am. I am sorry for
answering to you so late, I have just seen your email in my mail box.
I am not used to check my email becasue I never used it before. I was
also busy at the hospital where I work as a volunteer lately. This is
my first experience in searching for a soulmate on the web and I hope
I will not be dissapointed. Well, I'd better tell you about myself. I
like languages, I study them for the moment. English and Spanish. I
speak them without a translator. I also speak a little of Italian
language. I am living in Russia, Saint Petersburg. Well, I just wanted
to write you a few lines to exchange the emails. I will tell you more
about myself when I receive your reply. I wish you to have a good
time, take care of yourself. I am so interested in you and will wait
for your reply with impatience! Don't forget about photos, please.
Here I am sending couple of mine) I will tell you more in my next
email if you respond me to this one)) Sorry, who was Polina?


to my dear X 22 november 2021 18:34
Hello, my dear X! How are you today? So nice to receive your
message again and to have your interest. I was born on the 13th of
December, 1986, so I am turning into 35 within a few days as I already
said. My height is 165 cm, weight is 54 kg (+ _2 kg). Yes, I'm not a
model in appearance, just an ordinary girl on the outside, but not an
ordinary person on the inside. I have green eyes and black hair. I
also love and have tattoos, I hope it's ok with you. In fact, I love
to change, and rarely dwell on one hairstyle and hair color for a long
time. I'm bored of being the same for a long time! Sorry if I write
you a lot. Our meeting inspires me so much that I cannot stop. I own a
smaill cafe in a mall, where I am a bartender and a waitress at the
same time. It was pretty successful until this situation with COVID. I
am actually thinking about selling it. I also decided to complete my
studying this year. I used to study Medicine, wanted to be a nurse,
but I left it after 2 years of studying due to my business. Now I feel
sorry about it and started to study again. 2 more years and I will be
a nurse. This was my dream since I was a child. Here I am sending you
a few pictures from my classes. I dedicate a lot of time to work as a
volunteer at the hospital. There is always a lot of work due to COVID
and the thing that people don't want to be vaccinated. Russian people
are very weird. They invent different strories about how harmful
vaccine may be... Well, this is a long story. I don't smoke and drink
little, I like yoga, fitness and swimming pool, I also like movies. I
adore going to the cinema. I don't know what else to tell you about
me. I hope I don't bore you. I just don't know how to tell about
myself in another way. Well I hope you tell me about yourself too. By
the way I am very interested how is the situation with COVID 19 in
Belgium nowadays? Are there a lot of causes? Dont worry, any other
time we will spend a good time at some fest) I am really looknig to
hearing from you back soon! Don't forget to send me some pictures, I
am so interested in you.

With serious intentions,