Scammer Kseniya & Maria Aleksandrovna Kvyatkovskaya. Iurevna Kseniya

Kseniya & Maria Aleksandrovna
Kvyatkovskaya. Iurevna
39 30.12.1984
+79631268619 79093692958
Moscow Noginsk.

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Comment #172723
Hello my love Jim.
My dear man Jim, how your mood?
How to pass your day? I hope that at you all is good...
I was glad to see your photo at the horse races.
Today I much have learnt that it is necessary for me for my travel in the Canada.
I already wrote to you that I have an international passport. It is good because at me will be less expenses.
The most important thing is to receive the visa. Because without the visa I cannot take off for Canada.
I should fill the document for reception the visa.
In travel company to me promised that I without problems will receive a tourist visa.
Usually the tourist visa is made out 7-10 days. I think that for a week my visa will be ready.
My holiday begins in 15 days. 14 December I am on vacation!!!!
I have good news to you!!
Today I could pay the medical insurance. I have paid for the medical insurance of 8250 roubles.
I am now worried about another problem!!!
The overall cost of my travel in Pearson International Airport makes 38510 roubles. For me it is the big money!!!
I have to pay for the antibody test. And this test must be passed 72 hours before my departure.
I will cover these costs for the test. I will receive the test result within 24 hours.
I have addressed for the help to the parents. My parents do not have big money.
My parents very much worries for ours with you of the relation. My mum and the father want that we have met you.
For the sake of our meeting, my father wants to sell the boat.
The father has told, in the near future will be engaged in sale of the boat.
The only problem is that I do not know how long it takes the boat sales.
It is necessary for me to pay the travel now. That I have had time to legalise papers prior to the beginning of my holiday.
Now to pay the travel to you, I have not enough 30260 roubles.
1 euro = 85 Russian Roubles. I now needed to pay 356 euros.
Jim, I need your advice!!!! What to me do in my situation...???
I really did not think that I will have a financial problem.
Now I need to think, where I can find 356 euros to pay the travel to you.
Do not forget that I prepare for our meeting seriously and responsibly!!!!
For me the main thing to see you Jim. To see, how you live.
I promise to do the utmost to arrive to you Jim!!!
You the serious man. I the serious woman.
I respect you Jim. To me I nothing to hide therefore always is frank with you.
You also should hide nothing from me...
Remember Jim!!!!! I cannot postpone the holiday, for other time...
My holiday is limited because of my operating schedule!!!
I finish the letter, because of bad mood. I hope that you understand my problem.
I wish you good mood. I will look forward your answer.
I will miss you Jim.
With all tenderness I hug you and kissss you tenderly.
With love your Ksusha.

p.s. You write: How come you have not told me your last name?
My answer: Kseniya Iurevna

I send you a check copy about payment of the medical insurance.
Probably this documents will are important for you!!!
Comment #172725
I was contacted by this scammer a couple of emails in German. Replied and then English MO is to send many pictures. I am pretty sure this is a catfish. But got no hits on photos to prove that. Did get hit on another scammer site. It shows many of the same copy and paste letters. This scammer will copy questions asked and give answers . I have included the name and email addresses from the other site
To beautiful and sexy build to be real
I’ll have a big surprise for scammer after i am done collecting info
Comment #172726
Pictures of girl in snow with white coat was posted in error
But she is a scammer too