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Svetly (Saratov region)

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Messages received:
Hello John.
I was waiting for your reply, and I am pleased to see your letter. How are you? how is your day?
I'm sorry you didn't send me your photos for me. I think that the photos will help us get to know each other better.
Hope you can send me some of your photos in the next letter.
I just got to work and decided to check my mail. It was a pleasure for me to see your letter for me.
I'm glad that upset isn't a problem for you. I live in the small town of Svetly (Saratov region).
my city has a population of nearly 13,000. It is a very small town. I will tell you in detail about my city.
The village has a palace of culture, educational institutions are functioning: one general education school,
two kindergartens, a music, children's and youth sports school, a station for young technicians, a center for children's creativity,
a library, as well as a hospital with a children's clinic and an ambulance station.
In addition, there is a fire department, a police department, a registry office, and a post office. These are the sights in my small town.
I will continue to talk about myself. I think it will be interesting for you to get to know me better.
as I said, I work as an administrator in a car wash. I'll send you a couple of photos from my work. I like my job.
I have been working in this job for 3 years now. After studying at school, I entered the university in my city.
I studied at the university for 5 years. I studied to be a teacher educator. unfortunately I could not find a job in my specialty.
since we have a small city and there are very few educational institutions. before that I worked as an administrator in a cafe.
but I didn't like it. and now I work at a car wash. It was in the institute that I began to learn English.
but I always wanted to learn Spanish too. as I have always liked Spanish. I think this is the language of love. I like Spanish.
I like the pronunciation. I think this is the third language in the world, after English and French. What languages ​​can you speak?
I hope that you can understand everything that I write to you? I apologize in advance for my grammatical mistakes.
I hope this is not a problem for you?
Tell me about your job. I would be interested to know this. I asked you to tell about this in my last post.
But you apparently didn’t notice my question.
John, do you like your job? have you been working there for a long time? What exactly do you work with? What are your responsibilities?
in my letter today I want to write in more detail about myself. As you already know I am 35 years old. I am 166 centimeters tall.
And my weight is 54 kilograms. I was born on August 19, 1986. By my zodiac sign I am Leo. What is your zodiac sign?
I will now finish my letter. I don't want you to get tired of reading it.
I will wait for your letter and your answers to your questions.
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Other message:
Hello John. Good evening! How are you?
I apologize for the late reply. I had problems at work and did not have time to visit the Internet.
I am pleased that you have replied to my message. I hope that pleasant communication awaits you and me.
Please send me your photos in the next letter. Good?
I am looking for a serious and mature man who is not afraid of relationships. who wants to love and to be loved.
I'm from Russia. I hope the distance doesn't scare you. because now in the modern world you can fly anywhere in a couple of hours.
It's not a problem. I did not meet love in my city, and I thought that my love was somewhere far away.
and decided to try to look for my love on the Internet. I feel that soon I will meet my love.
I want to talk a little about myself. My name is Nataliya. I am 35 years old. I have no children. I am a free girl.
I've never been married. I live alone in a one-room apartment. I work as an administrator at a car wash.
And what are you doing? what do you do for a living?
I'm only interested in serious relationships. I'm not interested in adventure. I want to find a relationship that is based on understanding,
trust, respect and loyalty. I was disappointed in men from Russia. Because they don't think about family, only entertainment,
sex, alcohol and more. This is not for me. I understand that in every country there are good and bad people.
But the men in my city are only interested in my body. they are not interested in the inner world of a person.
And I want to find a person who will see in me not only a woman's body, but also a soul and a friend.
So that he could listen to me and support me in difficult times. That he would love me the way I am. I want to find true love.
this is when your loved one is just around. Perhaps I need a lot. But I want to find my man.
That would be good for me just from the fact that this person is there and he is near. So I think real happiness.
Perhaps you will think that I am very old-fashioned. and you may be right. Maybe true love doesn't exist?
I have already been disappointed several times and I already give up. But I believe that true love exists.
I want to meet such a person someday and fall in love for real. Maybe that's why I decided to try to find relationships on the Internet.
This is my first experience of dating on the Internet. What kind of relationship do you need? what is important to you in a girl?
In the next letter I will tell you more about myself and my character. If you are looking only for sex and entertainment,
I think it is better for us to stop dating. And if you look, like me, only for a serious relationship, then I will be glad to meet you.
In my letter I will send you my latest photos. I hope you like it. I want to see your photos along with your next letter.
you can ask me any questions, I will be happy to answer them. I think we can get to know each other well and can become friends.
I will wait for your answer.