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Hello, merciful 15 november 2021 23:26
Hey! I want to become acquainted with you! I want to chat with you. I’m very peppy young lady and I hope that we will continue our communication. I will be waiting for for your reply.
My personal contact:
Comment #172601
thanks for the answer 17 november 2021 14:21
Woow! Nice to see your answer.. I was hoping that I would see a photo
in your letter ... But no .. Unfortunately, you didn't send me your
photo .. But I would be very pleased to see your photo, it would help
you and me to get to know each other a little better. I hope that you
understand me and in your next letter you will send me your photo .. I
already thought that you forgot me. The reason why it was not
convenient for me to speak on site is because perverts write
there and ask for naked photos. You know, you are the first man who
didn’t ask me for naked photos. So I immediately became interested in
knowing you more. After all, this is already an indicator that you are
a cultured man! It is pleasant to communicate with a cultured person.
I can tell you a little about myself now, if you want to continue our
communication, then we can communicate more. My name is Yuliya. I
am 31 years old. And what is your name? How old are you? I hope that
for you, as well as for me, the most important thing in communication
is honesty. I just want to tell you that I'm not just looking for
communication by E: Mail.. I only have only serious intentions. I told
you a little about myself and am sending you my letter and photo. I
will be waiting for your letter, I hope you will answer soon. Best
regards Yuliya.
Comment #172623
Hello X! Thank you for sending me two of your photos. You have a
great body! But I would like you to send me a photo where I can see
your face. I am glad that you liked my photo. I can send them to you
with every letter! In your next letter I want you to tell more about
yourself and answer all my questions. X, as I already told you I
am 31 years old. I was born on 04.12.1989. My height is 171
centimeters, my weight is 51 kilograms. Now I'll tell you what I like.
I hope you are really interested in learning this. I love swimming in
the pool, cycling, and every Sunday at 8:00 am I do yoga! My favorite
color is Purple. What color do you like best? Do you have a few
favorite colors? I live in Russia, in the small provincial town of
Lesnoy. My city is located in the Sverdlovsk region. I have never been
married in my life .. But one day it almost happened. Fortunately, I
didn't make that mistake. But you know, We have a saying: "The
windshield is so big because the future requires a full view to see
what possibilities are there. The rearview mirror is so small because
the past does not have to be forgotten, but you have to look at it
because it is behind." you." Do you agree with this? X, At the
moment I work at a school as a parenting specialist for children with
disabilities. I have to work with children who are sick with Cerebral
palsy. I have my own class with 25 children. You know, I adore my job,
My work is responsible and takes a lot of energy, because every child
needs a special approach. It's really quite difficult, but when I see
a smile on the face of these children, it makes me happier, stronger
and I understand that these children really need me. Hope you can
understand me. X, Now my life has come down to the fact that I
understood a lot. Without a man, a girl will never feel like someone
special. I am very lonely, and I want this loneliness to disappear
once and for all. I am sure that my happiness is somewhere close. I
hope you and I share the same interests. I believe with all my heart
that the time will come and I will meet such a love person. After all,
love is the most important thing in life! And I do not believe those
people who say that love passes. Love is eternal! She dies only when
her loving heart stops beating. What are your thoughts on this? Do you
believe in eternal love? I hope I didn’t make you bored and you were
interested to know about me. I will wait for your new answer. Your
friend Yuliya.

P.s in this photo I went for a bike ride. In my free time I like to
ride and enjoy nature ... Do you like to ride a bike?