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I have aked her about 6 times for her name and address,this question just gets ignored,She says she lives in Russia,in a city called Paranga.She goes by the name of Eva.Her lettrs seem generic,exept for the first half of the first line she could be writing to anyone.She has not asked for any money,but I do not think it will be too far off before she does.I am wise to this and will not be sending any money,BEWARE,this is a SCAM.

Hello my dear xxx!!!!! I am glad to see your letter. In general you
> know with each yours the letter you all become closer to me. It is
> very pleasant for me to communicate with you. Seeing your letters even
> it becomes easier to me to live. Mine it is tired as if vanishes. I
> constantly think of you my friend. Your letters as if adrenaline for
> me. You waken meaning of the life for me. Your letters as light in
> night for me the my dear friend. You my prince which wakens in me
> sense to live. I did not have before such men which to me so would
> like. You to me are very nice my friend. At me one guy which was
> wanted to communicate with me, but he to me was not nice. I
> communicated with him rather for a long time. But now I have
> completely forgotten him. Now my head is completely filled with you my
> friend. You interesting the man. I can speak with you on many themes.
> I for a long time did not have such man. I would want that our
> attitudes had continuation. How you look at it? I want to know your
> opinion. It is interesting to me to know as you to me concern. I all
> become gradually closer to you. Your letters are very necessary for
> me. Please do not stop to write to me. You unique the man with which I
> can communicate and understand him. I want to see you in alive and to
> speak with you, but unfortunately I have no such opportunity. Please
> if you can send to me your photos. I want to see you constantly. Write
> to me as much as possible about itself. I want to know about you much.
> Today I am very tired after work, in street is very stuffy, at us
> warmly, how at you weather?As if I have missed your questions write me
> them in the following letter, and I will answer them. On it I shall
> finish the letter and I shall look forward to hearing from you. I hope
> to see tomorrow from you the letter. Your girlfriend from Russia. Eva

Hello my new friend xxx!!!!! You would know how many pleasures you
> have brought to me having answered on my message. Today I have come to
> Internet - cafe and have seen there your letter, I was glad to see
> your letter and at once I answer you. forgive me, that I have not
> written, that I from Russia, is simple at me have failed to be
> registered on a site near Russia and it was necessary to write other
> country. I directly would like to know more about you and to study
> your interests, where do you live, where you work. I would be very
> glad to have such friend as you. In a life I very joyful and cheerful
> person. I work as the waiter at the Chinese restaurant. I think, that
> the main features of human character, it - sincerity, kindness,
> politeness and as I think, That the person as to the person it is
> necessary. As each person should love and respect the country. I
> frequently see young pairs, and I see, as far as they are happy, and I
> am sincerely glad for them, but thus I constantly am without the man.
> In me one friend was bu t it is a bad history for me. I shall tell to
> you about it little bit later. Now I want to write some words about me
> directly. I live in Russia. In city Paranga. It is fine city which I
> very much I like. It is near to Moscow. In it approximately 45 000
> people. I live one. I have only mum from all my relatives. My daddy
> has died in 2004 in a road accident, I do not wish to speak about the
> sad. I live in a demountable apartment as I have no own. Since then
> time goes also I I cannot find myself the man with which in any way
> could make the family. And I have decided to try to find the man from
> other country. I have many interests. Let me to begin with some from
> them, well? I like to listen to various music, most of all I love
> classical quiet music. But I find very interesting other kinds of
> music. I like to read, especially romanticism and detectives. I do not
> smoke, I do not drink, never used drugs. I care of my appearance and
> health. I would like to meet the man, kind, good, gentle, close,
> careful, healthy and to make with it the life and family. I dream of
> own family and the favourite husband. Probably our purposes in a life
> coincide also you want the same. I was never married and I do not have
> children. But I very much like and I want to have children. I as want
> to know about your life and about your attitude to children. As to
> that I cannot meet the man from Russia I I have some questions to you.
> Whether it is valid you are ready to have attitudes with women from
> Russia? What do you expect from these attitudes? Whether it is valid
> you seriously search for your wife abroad? And what family of your
> dream? Please answer mine questions because they are very important
> for me. Let's try learn each other better. On it I am going to finish
> the letter and I shall look forward to hearing from you tomorrow. I
> hope, that you understand my English language, I studied it when
> studied in institute. You like my pictures? The best regards to you.
> Eva

Hello my friend xxx!!!!!! For me was pleasure to receive news from
> you! How your day? I think well! I was good! I very much am interested
> in you. I search for serious attitudes what to create strong, loving
> family. Today I send you 2 to a photo, I hope that is pleasant to you.
> What can I tell more about myself directly? My age 30. Mine birthday
> 08.03 1978. my growth 165. My weight 55. Hair - light. Eyes - blue. I
> have no children, but I want them to have. I love a life. I like to
> wake up in the mornings and to not know, that will present me new day.
> I like to laugh and see when people are dared. I love sports. I two
> times a week go to pool and I am engaged there. I like to travel,
> though I never was abroad. Now I dream find the person with which I
> can to construct family and to live together with him. The main thing,
> that this person would understand me. Unless you do not think so? I
> think, that the main thing in the person, that at him in soul, instead
> of what it externally. I want, that the person was intellectual and
> alive with sensation of humour. I think, that we have good chance to
> know each other better... Spring my favourite season of year, I like
> to look, how the nature comes to the senses after winter. As the first
> kidneys on trees are rejected. Birds from whom the autumn has left in
> the south, arrive, but they again will come back. The first occurrence
> of a grass, is a lot of children in the street also are pleased to
> this season. Children are the future of our planet and on Them all our
> hope, they bring pleasure. I believe, that the main love in my life
> will still arrive, the god will help me with it. My favourite films
> now: "Titanic" and "Night patrol". I work from 8 mornings till 17
> evenings every day except for Saturday and revivals. During the
> lunchtime I come in the Internet of cafe. Also I write to you letters.
> I have not enough time and means for entertainments, therefore I
> cannot allow me good rest. Why I search for the person in more about
> me. Because here in Russia all men egoists also do not care at all of
> women, can simply beat them or humiliate. Please ask me that interests
> you. I shall answer your questions. But if I shall not answer your
> questions do not take offence. I it means cannot understand. As it is
> my first experience of dialogue in the Internet. I write letters from
> the Internet of cafe and he unfortunately sometimes happens is closed.
> I with impatience shall look forward to hearing from you. With
> greetings from Russia Eva

Hello my dear friend xxx!!!!! I again see letters from you. I am
> very glad to this. I am glad, that you remember me. With each new
> letter we are closer and more close to each other. When I receive your
> letter, my life is filled with pleasure at once. You so do not
> consider? I think, that dialogue by letters are too cool. I would like
> to write to you the letter on a home address, but from Russia letters
> most likely will not reach. Thus mine letters cannot arrive to you.
> Thus it is much better and easier to communicate through the Internet.
> Write to me your phone number I could try to call you later. I have no
> phone, but I can take advantage of services by item of the
> international negotiations. Unfortunately I have no computer and phone
> of a house. It is expensive for me. In general I think the Internet
> this big achievement of the modern world. By the way my friends are
> interested in you. Ask me. Especially my Mum. I speak them, that you
> decent and good the man. My mum is very glad, that I have found to
> myself the friend. She wishes us good relations in the future. But I
> think, that we should study each other better. It is very important
> for me. In that many pairs break up because they very badly know the
> fact each other. I do not want to do such mistakes. I hope, that you
> understand me. Well? As I spoke you earlier, we should to learn the
> friend the friend about more and more from our e-mail. I want to
> continue with you attitudes, though between us such big distance. I
> would like to talk to you in alive. But it only my dreams. Well, let
> me to finish my letter. My mum sends the regards to you. I shall wait
> for your following letter. And I will send you the photos in the
> following letter. Please write to me as soon as possible. Your
> girlfriend from Russia Eva

Hello the my dear friend xxx!!!!! I am very glad to your letters to
> me. I am glad, that we have found each other. You are very nice to me.
> You are remarkable a man!!!!!!!! I am happy, that I communicate with
> you. Each your letter for me as a beam of the sun in a gloomy empire.
> I hope, that to you the same is pleasant to communicate with me. Today
> at me very difficult day. There was a lot of work. Now after work I
> write you this letter. And I am very happy, that it I do. How your
> work? I hope you do not test complexities? I am glad, that the god has
> enabled us to get acquainted. And I am very happy to this. I want to
> deceive nobody the words you my friend. The deceit - the most bad
> character trait of the person, at all does not decorate it The person!
> And on this I try to tell lies to people never. Probably it is still
> interesting to you why I began to correspond from you? I can tell to
> you only one. I cannot find the man in Russia which will love and
> respect me. As one clever person has told: "When we live we are in
> search, in search that who can go with you on vital ways, because to
> one to go very much and very much Difficultly. "I think you agree with
> this opinion? I hope, that our dialogue will develop. And we shall
> learn more and more and more about each other. I am very happy to have
> such friend as you. It very much pleases me. It would be pleasant for
> me to know your opinion on our dialogue. I would like to know, what
> the pleasure gives to you? I want to know, what does you happy? I
> frequently think of you my friend. It is not interesting to know more
> about you. I with impatience wait for your letters, and I can tell,
> that they began for me more than Simply e-mail It - more the greater.
> I think of you very much frequently, and I recollect all letters which
> you have written to me. In them I see a lot of heat. Please write to
> me in the greatest possible degree, I like to read your letters and
> the communications with You does me very happy, and I with impatience
> wait for it. As I have made new pictures, I went to special agency and
> to me have made photos. I shall look forward to hearing from you.
> Kisses. Eva
hello my dear xxx!! Yes yes loved. Now I with full confidence can
> tell to you my LOVED. After your last letter I cannot think of
> anything the friend, I think only of you. I each time having come in
> the Internet of cafe dream only of your letters. My dear I hope That
> your feelings are mutual to me. Probably you do not understand me. You
> probably think, That mine feelings and conclusions are too fast. But I
> write to you these letters with all my heart my dear. I every day
> during the lunchtime come in the Internet of cafe. I very much get
> tired on work, but your letters for me as adrenaline for all day. Your
> letters are very interesting and romantic for me. When I see your
> letter in my box as though a flower after winter I wake up. My
> girlfriends speak, that I have very much changed. I became more
> cheerful and cheerful. I very much want to meet you in a reality. I
> dream of us. As we could tell about our feelings each other my dear.
> As your beautiful words inspire in me confidence. I very much want to
> meet you and to spend with you. I dream as we walk, you hold me for a
> hand my prince. But unfortunately it only my dreams. It is similar to
> dream, but I should wake up. Now at me my lunch break comes to an end
> comes to an end. And it is time to me to go for work. I will wait for
> your tomorrow's answer, write to me, I kiss you, yours Eva

Hello my most dear xxx!!!!!!!! I very much am glad to each yours To
> the letter. I am very happy, that you do not leave me and continue To
> communicate with me. I am madly happy, that I have such person As you.
> My feelings increase to you every day. I am constant I think of you. I
> cannot live without your letters. I am glad, that we have found the
> friend The friend and though we and not together I feel you. My dear I
> never Had such person as you. I all life searched for the person of
> the dream. And I never thought, that I can find such person in the
> Internet and Did not trust in it while I have not found you my dear. I
> am very grateful To destiny for that she has reduced us with you.
> Earlier I wanted to find loved The person in Russia, but it has been
> disappointed with which all men Met. And I have decided to find the
> person from other country and I was not mistaken. I have found you my
> lovely and I am very happy, that I have found you. I dream and I think
> of you every day. I very much hope, that you answer me Reciprocity. I
> hope, that you understand me and my feelings to you mine Road. I each
> instant want, that you were near to me my cat. But to To regret we
> while are far from each other. My dear I is very glad to see Each of
> your magnificent letters. I hope, that our attitudes To proceed. On it
> I shall finish the letter to you my cat. And I as wait for your new
> pictures I with impatience shall wait for each your letter. Yours Eva

Hello my most dear prince xxx!!!!!!!!!!! I am very glad to see your
> letters. I am very happy, that you answer on My letters. I feel the
> happiest person on light. Mine Are loved I is very happy, that we
> communicate with you. With each letter you You become more important
> for me. I cannot fall asleep any more not thinking about To you my
> prince. You very surprising and good person and I very much It is
> glad, that the destiny has reduced us together. I think, that you as
> think. In The childhood I very much liked to read romantic books and
> films about love. And now I feel, that the romanticism lives in me
> always. I hate Loneliness. I cannot be one. And only one your letters
> do Me happy in this life. I think you understand me my tiger. Mine The
> soul suffers from loneliness. Understand my pleasure from Letters. We
> write letters each other and I am very happy to this. Before I never
> had dialogue with people from other country. I think People differ
> from each other in many respects. In each country there is the
> Mentality. In my country everyone is more distributed, and at you
> absolutely Other culture. I always loved culture. And I very much love
> culture Russia. She is a part of my soul. You very interesting and not
> usual For me the person. I love you. And my heart with you. I as will
> send to you of more pictures the following letter. On it I shall
> finish the letter to you. I with impatience wait for your answer.
> Always yours. Eva

Hello my tiger xxx!!! I am very glad that our relations become all
> more strongly and more strongly. Me so pleases that soon we shall
> together, we shall rally in a single whole. My tiger I so am happy
> that we with you so seriously we concern to our attitudes . I am at
> present very tired because all the day long passed. Today I have
> visited agency and have taken an interest that is necessary for me for
> arrival in your country. To me informed that I shall address in your
> country under the visa which does not demand visiting embassy in
> Moscow and by that I should not make superfluous expenses. As it is
> necessary for me to issue the passport for travel abroad insurance.
> Registration of all documents will occupy 10 days and after that I
> without problems can arrive to you my tiger and caress you. It will be
> necessary for me to have at itself 2 tickets. One up to your country
> and the second on a way back. I should take advantage of services of
> the plane company aeroflot. My lovely I did not begin to be interested
> how many to me it will cost. I think that I cannot allow to pay to
> myself all trip, therefore I do not know that to me to make. My lovely
> if you can help me write to me about it in the letter. I think that
> anyway, you in my heart on always. Such Feelings which I test to you I
> never tested to other person and I shall not test!!!!!!!!! I hope for
> your understanding and with impatience I shall wait for your answer.
> Your lioness wants to be with you Eva