Scammer Alena Ale

Korma, Gomel
Minsk, Korma, Gomel, Belarus

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They try to get you to a remote, isolated city in the Luhansk region. It is well known for kidnapping and mugging.
She says she is from Minsk but later admits it is in the Luhansk or Donetsk area.
I wrote you an answer and I didn't see your new letter.
Mogilev and Zhlobin are far from my city.
Come on in the city of Gomel, this city is closer to my city.
I will choose an apartment for you and me so that I will not go home every day, but will be in the apartment with you.
I'll pick an apartment in Gomel with two bedrooms. One for you, one for me. Did you like my offer?
Don't worry, I have a beautiful plan!!!
In Gomel, I have friends in the police. So for the duration of your visit, they will follow us directly. They'll keep an eye on your every move. I will warn you that there will be a bodyguard with weapons nearby. They need to know what kind of weapon the bodyguard will have, so as not to take him as an ordinary bandit guy. We will be under the supervision of the entire Gomel police. your bodyguard will be right next to us in the apartment. Therefore, we rent an apartment of three rooms. I'm delighted! Like a movie!
I'll ask my friends girls to come to our apartment so as not to be embarrassed to spend the night next to your bodyguard.
I also have some protection so that we are not attacked by the police and captured by all of us along with your armed bodyguard!
Oh, that's great!
Ms Alena
Yes, I fully understand the seriousness of your situation!!!
Today I visited the police office and told that a very serious man is coming to me and there will be security with weapons with him.
I was listened to carefully, then recorded your data and photos and sent all the information about you to Minsk.
You'll be supervised by my country's security services. You'll be completely safe now.
I was promised you'd be safe. The police want to bring you and your bodyguard to my town directly.
You must trust them, you will be controlled all the days of your visit.
I'm very happy you'll be safe now!
Are you happy?
your Alena