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Comment #779
Hello  Benny! Here and dinner time. I have just had dinner and again I
write  you  the letter. I wish to tell to you not much about myself. I
was  born  on January, 6th, 1981. At me higher education. Has finished
the  Karelian  State Pedagogical University. Now I live in the city of
Sernur.  Families  are  not present. Mum has left me in maternity home
after  a birth. It is very sad history. I was brought up in children's
home  for orphans. It became my second house. Loves horses, cats. I do
not  have  children  and  there  is  no  guy, I live absolutely one in
one-room  apartment.  My  constitution harmonous. The weight of 46 kg,
growth  157  see  the  Hair  colour red, eyes green. Constraining both
reticent.  Sensitive  and  vulnerable. Kind, romantic and sympathetic.
Very much I love the sun, a beach and especially to be photographed. I
am  engaged  in  winter  kinds  of sports: skis, the fads. Morning jog
before  work Is pleasant or easier to take a walk in park. A favourite
season  summer. Bad habits are not present. Only easy alcoholic drinks
on  holidays.  In  the  future  I dream to create a family with set of
children.  Know,  I  was  in  the USA in 2004 the whole 3 months right
after university. Also know to me very much your country was pleasant!
I  worked  there  in  children's camp under the program
Comment #780
Hello  Benny! How are you? How is the weather at you? Thanks that have
answered  me  my  letter!  It is very pleasant to me to get acquainted
with  you!  I  very much wish to be on friendly terms with you. I hope
you  will  be  my first virtual friend. I looked your profile. I liked
your  profile. I think, that in the future it will be very interesting
to  us to learn about each other. The USA very much to me the familiar
country.  I already 3 times was in your country. And it is fair, there
very  much  it  was pleasant to me. As I liked to communicate with the
American  people. The people in the USA absolutely another. More open,
cheerful cheerful. And you that be know about the Russian people? What
do you think of it? Probably you were in Russia or in other countries?
About it I will write to you later as soon as I will have again access
to the computer. Successful to you of day! Ekaterina (Kate)

P.S I send you  some  photos, I hope, that they will like you. Also do not forget
to send to me some your nice photos.
Comment #781
Good  afternoon or evening! Here the working day also has ended, now I
am  going  to  sleep. Today there was very heavy day. From languages I
know only Russian and English. But at once I will tell that my English
not  so it is good and consequently at once I apologise, if I write to
you incorrectly. Ok? Certainly I studied English language at institute
especially, but I all the same do not know it ideally well in writing.
Now  I  will  tell  to  you  about  the character. As you have already
understood by my first words I am the romantic girl. I despise lie and
insincerity.  For me it is always very pleasant to communicate openly,
without  secrets and lie. I very much like to read books. In the house
library  I  have  read  already all books when studied in 8 class. But
after  already  so much time, my passion to books has not decreased at
all. To me it delivers weight of pleasant emotions, for me there is no
more  pleasantly a rest, than to esteem the book. Earlier I read a lot
of fiction, encyclopaedias. But now at me more and more gravitation to
romanticism,  to  various  novels.  Tell  you like to read books? Well
still  I would like to tell to you not much about the work. Now I work
as the bookkeeper in trading organisation. Unfortunately now there are
no places for work by my first, favourite trade. Though this work very
much  is pleasant to me. I will well finish the letter and I will look
forward  to your reply very much. Do not forget to write to me! I very
much  would  like  to  know  about  you  as  much  as  possible! Yours
faithfully Ekaterina from Russia!
Comment #782
Hello  my  friend!  Why  you  to  me  that you do not write? It is not
interesting  to  you  to  communicate with me? There can be at you any
problems?   I  the  day  before  yesterday  waited  for  your  letter,
yesterday,  today.  But  that  is  not  present.  I will wait for your
letter. I hope, that you will answer me. Ekaterina
Comment #783
Hello!  I  would like to continue with you correspondence. Why did not
you  write,  you are all well?? I send you my picture, I hope you will
like  it. I'll wait for your answer, I hope you'll answer to me. Katya
from Russia ...