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Had been communicating with this lady in POLTAVA, on the UA DREAMS site. She left there "to return home" to Nikolaev. I saw her downloading information onto her laptop when she was at the agency, then she sent me this letter.

hello my Dear xxxxx!!!!!!!!
how r you doing there???where are you? I wonder where can you be?
I have to say sorry for not explaining to you why I decided to go out from site Uadremas. you see I decided to moove to Nikolaev, to my native town where my parents live. they propose to me to live with them and I have already even found new job. I can`t say that I will receive much higher prise but I will receive nice salary. I decided to moove because I understood that I need to chae something in my life at least for this is great pleasure for me to hear from agency that you were looking for me and you miss me much!

you know this letter I write with thw help of interpreter, you know she will help me not always and that is why I understood that I have to learn English! I can ask for help this girl she will take not very big prise for lessons. it will cost nearly 200$ per is not very much and my teacher will come to my house and will teach me!)))it is very nice variant for learning English in short period of time.of course now I have no such possibility to pay for this lessons because I just moove and my work will start only since September, so I would like if you could help me. I have very great desire to learn English not only because I will know more languages than Russian and Ukrainian. but also I have great desire to learn it because I will have possibility to communicate with you without any problems and without any 3d person!what do you think about this???

I have not a lot of news but a lot of emotions! the whole previous week till the day before yesterday I was at the seaside with my sister and nephew-Oksana and Aleksander. we had a lot of fun and of course we burnt and now I have great look!!!))) a bit later I will try to send some photos to you my dear. you know here in Nikolaev I have posibility to use internet very rare and that is why I will write to you not very often , please don`t be sad and offend, OK? hoep you miss me and very glad to hear from me again!

every day at the sea was full of fun, we got up very early because my nephew got up at 6.30 and he woke us up olso to play with him. we were preparing the breakfast and at 9 o`clock we we going to the beach, there we were lying in shadow because sun was very hot! by the way I mantioned that summer in Nikolaev is much hot than in Poltava or in Kharkov-it is South and the weather is too hot for walking at day. so after 12 we were going to have a dinner and after this we went to bed,we slept till 4p.m. and then returned to the beach. there we played with ball in water and on sand beach with young people there. we had a lot of fun. the water was like warm milk nd it was reat pleasure to was really nice week. so in the evening we were walking near the water, riding mary-go-round and were talking with our neighbours in the yard where we were living. we lived in not very big yard where were near10 little is much cheaper than to rent a flat or to live in a hotel.

and what were you doing all this time?I miss you...please write to me back will wait for your answer!

hugs to you


This was my reply to her...

Hi Tanya,
Nice to hear from you. You know you did tell me you were leaving the agency to move back home. Perhaps you didn't mention it to others. It was only a day or two later, I remember watching you on the agency webcam when you went there and downloaded all the profile information onto your laptop. Nice laptop too! You were busy for quite a while. There must have been many!
I tried to send you a letter through the agency, but your profile was closed and it didn't accept my letter. So I wrote to the Manager, who sent my letter to Oksana at Poltava agency, and she said she would make sure you received my letter. It took a bit of effort to track you down, but I managed to get a message to you! So now I get this letter from you, though it sounded like a letter you could send to many people.....And I was so surprised in your letter, you made an interesting offer for me to pay for your English lessons!!! I will think about it! Perhaps the others will respond positively!
And you had fun at the beach with your sister and nephew. Sounded like a great time. Whats it like living back home with them so close to you?
I wish you luck with your new job, and all your business ventures...
Hope you are well.
Hugs to you

I haven't told her that I was reporting her as a scammer, but she hasn't written back to me either!!!