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Here also is thge site administrators letter to me about her status.. she had two login names now both are deleted as a scammer.


We did not reactivate the user "foryou", I have checked again just now - she is deleted from our site as a scammer.

Where did you manage to see her? Is she registered with a new login or what? Because we did not renovate her profile, she is as deleted now as she used to be before.

Sincerely yuors,
Manager Yelena


I have reported her as a scammer last week and I still do not see her gere listed as a scammer.

I written the very long and involved story outlining her behavior and tactics... WHY IS SHE STILL NOT LISTED HERE... AS THE SCAMMER SHE IS ????

Letter 2

This one is a culmination of clever and more clever. Her original profile which I provide this link to, has been now deleted, but she and her cousin run a scam where they use all of the insight they have gained based on a mans interest in sexual relations...and discuss the topic as them being casual in nature to having "lovers" the russian way, they put it. Well the scam is they attract as many men as possible leading them on that they may be the "one" to be man enoough to make them a one man women type... They look for traveling men on their way to a business destination or private vacation destination then develope a "sincere" relationship with that man so an invitation is a natural forgone conclusion. The man pays for their trip and they go leading the man on he is in serious company, but he is not. They also after or durring the invite scam the man by creating gender biased arguments to make the man feel guilty in his assumptions of intimacy or other related accusations where they leave the man at the destination by himself and they continue as planned to vacation for free without the "baggage " of their companion, which they never cared for anyway... They use the number system and talk to many men at the same time, they even have a alternate male who they include as a reference to create the image that they are sincere women, and this guy is a friend they have made, showing that they are capeable of making long distance friends... it is beautiful as a scam, no paper trail of asking for money, but lots of smoke... I said LOTS !!! They both use an alternate login name right now that was deleted for being associated with the 1st deleted profile of Marianna Shustrova as login name "Linde", the 'Linde" profile was deleted due to suspicion of prostitution and many , many complaints from other men.. and as the administrator said to me.."there is no smoke where their is a fire".. but this Marianna Shustrova, has teamed up with her cousiins profile as "foryou" . This login name was deleted because of being traced back to the same user as "Linde" same computor address used to establish acount.. now for some reason the login for "foryou" has been re-activated.
I feel fortunate today because I have made the mistake of giving Marianna Shustrova my personal email account and I just acted stupid but she exposed herself for the scammer she I feel that it is very important to share this and her cousins inhumane con and experiience they put honest and sincere men through... it is one that leaves you persoanlly abused in nature... I will provide personal emails recieved by Mariana Shustrova to prove of her wreckless nature of what I have claimed just now..