Scammer Svetulya Penkova Sveta

7/12/1994 (not real)
+78462192467, +79371187935
Volzhsk (probably true) Tomsk (fititious)
Russian Federation
unkrown,, International

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Comment #170743
This person is a known Romance Scammer who is actually involved with the Russian gangs. This is who I truly believe her to be. This is the only name that comes up in record searches and this includes pictures of her sister Natasha, her mother and what was supposed to be her husband!
I believe her to actually be in her mid to late 30s. She is definitely not in her 20s anymore. She will provide you pictures and videos that are far in the past in an attempt to make you believe that they are current.
She goes by many aliases
link to Sveta Penkova age 27, birthday 7-12-1994
Her russian facebook page on VK is under the name
Sveta Goncharenko
also horoshaya_tonya (same person)
She goes by Katya or Catherine as well
Ekaterina Federova age 29, birthday September 4th 1991
Tatyana Zapivalova age 32 (Tatiana)
Tanya (Tatiana) age 30
You will see from the pictures that these ate all the same people!
Comment #170750
It looks like she was a model at one time before she became a scammer. She has been scamming for many years and is nearing 40 if not older.
She is an extremely talented manipulator. She easily makes you feel important to her. She has a gift for this.
Beware of her. She will take your money and break your heart. She is absolutely a cold hearted killer. This is what she does and she is very good at it.
The Consulate in Moscow is who warned me that she was involved in the russian gangs operating there. I was informed that any monies sent to her was actually sent to the russian gang!