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Hello. I am very glad that you has left to me the e-mail address.I hope, that you remember me:)I want to write some personal information about me so that you knowwhom you communicate with:) My name is Anastasiya. I am 30, my birth dateis 03.11.1977, and my zodiac sign is scorpion. My height is 168 cm,and my weight is 56 kg. I am sending you a picture of me. I hope thatyou will consider me an attractive one. I will be more than happy ifyou could also send me your picture and write me more informationabout yourself. I am a trustful person and I would like you to writeme only true information about you. I have never been abroad and itwill be very interesting for me to communicate with a person fromanother country. Probably I will be lucky and you will become my goodfriend or maybe even more than just a friend. In Russia I have goodfriends, but I am still alone. I am lonely and I don’t have anychildren. It was my destiny that I couldn’t find my love and myhappiness in Russia and probably I will find it out of my country.I lived in Poland was a lot of time back. But now I and my parentshave moved in Russia to the city of Khabarovsk. And now Khabarovsk ismy house.Now I will finish my mail and I hope that you are interested incontinuation of our contact. I am waiting for your mail. Anastasiyafrom Khabarovsk, Russia.

Hello my friend xxxxx. I called you a friend because I hope for our goodconnection. Of course there is a big distance between us, but Internetmakes this distance shorter, and we can communicate and have nodifficulties. I want us to communicate by e-mail as it is veryconvenient and this way I can feel personal communication. If to leavea message on profile, it is too inconvenient and takes a lot of time,and by e-mail we can learn each other much better. And now I hope youunderstand the aim of my communication?:) I am a lonely girl, and Iwas lonely for a long time and my last serious relationship failed twoyears ago. I was married, but now I am divorced and now I am insearch. Two years ago I thought that my life has no sense, Iexperienced big depression. But now I understand that this person wasnot my only one and he was not a man I want to live my whole lifewith. This is only the memories of past and if you have interest inthis I will certainly tell you more about all this. I am not a verygood author, and may be you will find many mistakes in my mail, bit Iwill do everything possible to make reading my mails interesting foryou. I don’t have any brothers or sisters, but my parents are stillalive and I am very happy about that. I live separately from myparents, in an apartment that I rent. This is a small apartment, only33 m2. As I wrote you in my last e-mail I live in the city calledKhabarovsk. It is located in the Far East, not so far away from theborder with China. You can see my city on the map. I don’t have acomputer at home because there is no need in it. All I need I can doat work. I don’t know if you liked my mail and if you are ready towrite to me again. But I hope you will concern my words with respectand write to me even if you didn’t want to begin our dialogue. If youfind me interesting and think that probably something will developfrom it, then tomorrow I will open my mailbox and see a good mail. Nowmy work is coming to an end already, and we can continue ourcommunication tomorrow, I hope very much for that.Your friend, Anastasiya.

Hello my friend xxxxx. I believe I can have courage to call you myfriend because you answered me. This may mean only one thing – you areinterested in me and you hope for a good contact. I also hope that wecan have wonderful days during our communication. On Friday I havespent about two hours to write to you and I didn’t want that myefforts were in vain:)Certainly I saw your photo. But please have gone to me more than thephotos so I can better understand you, and better study you.I send you again my photo I hope, that it will like you. On a photo I,and my good friend. It is possible even to tell, that it my bestfriend.Today I will continue telling you about myself and I hope you will dothe same. I work as an accountant in a transport company. We have asmall branch of “Trans-Auto” company in Khabarovsk, you can seeinformation about it on the site Unfortunately thissite is in Russian. Headquarters of our company are located in Moscowand Saint-Petersburg. Only a few people work with me, actually we haveonly small office, and sometimes it seems to me that the management ofthe company forgets about us:) Our director is a good person and so wehave a very amicable team. My main task every day is making differentaccounts. Financial accounts, taxation, profit and loss. I need tocount all this so that not a ruble could be lost. This is a veryuninteresting work, but I have to do it, because this way I “earnbread”. Probably you have heard about this Russian expression. Thismeans that I work to live. Actually in Russia if a person doesn’t workhe cannot keep himself and therefore he can die. I have read that inyour country jobless persons are paid for life and this is quite a bigamount of money which they can live at. In Russia jobless people alsoare paid, but it’s only about 50 euro a month and it is so little. Mysalary is 250 euro a month. Probably for you it will seem funny, butthis is an average salary in our city, and this money I pay for rent,food and clothes. But I can’t complain about my life, because manyothers live even worse and I believe that I don’t live bad. It’s a bitsad mail. But I hope that you still have an interest about me. I willwrite to you tomorrow as soon as I will see your reply. I hope that Iwill not have to wait too long:) Your friend, Anastasiya.

Hello, my dear xxxxx! I am happy to see your mail. Thanks, that youhave again written to me. I understand, that we are far apart. But ourdialogue by letters, will help us to reduce this distance, and we canlearn more about each other. I hope, what you agree with me? I sendyou my new photos. Two photos have been made in park, to Khabarovsk.This very beautiful place where people have often a rest. It would beinteresting also, to take a walk with you in our park:)Thanks, that you have sent me photos of your van. It is certainlyinteresting to me, to see more than your photos, and to try to learnmore about your life. Actually on a picture it is possible to makefull of representation about the person of the person. Andconsequently I want, that you sent me photos of family and friends.Because also it is interesting to me to learn about your social life.I hope, that it not too personally:)Last weekend I have visited my parents, besides I didn’t tell youabout them yet. My Mum’s name is Klava, she is 56 years old, and myDad’s name is Prokopiy, he is already 67. My mother worked as a nursein the children’s garden, and my father worked as a driver on thetruck, but now they don’t work , they are retired. I don’t have anybrothers or sisters, because for my parents it was not easy to growmore children as far as we didn’t live rich. Yesterday we havecelebrated one important date for our family, this day 30 years ago myfather made a proposal to my mother, and in three months after thatthey had a wedding. The whole day yesterday my parents were veryhappy, the whole evening they recollected their youth. Perhaps, it’ssurprising, but even through all this long time they still continue tolove each other, that’s what is called real love I think. I liveseparately from my parents in one-roomed apartment, I have alreadytold you about it. I decided to live separately from them because Iwanted to have my own personal life. I have to rent a small one-roomedapartment, on the second floor of the five-stored house. It’s a goodapartment and I was lucky to pay not so big rent for it – only 4000roubles, to buy an apartment for me is impossible as far as the costof the apartments is very high in our city. My parents live not so faraway from me, in the same city, so I visit them quite often. They havea summer house in the countryside and in the weekends we often gothere, there my parents grow some vegetables, and I help them to lookafter them. My Mum yesterday asked me when at last I will find my reallove, as I am 30 already and my parents worry that I am still alone.Unfortunately I couldn’t give an answer to this question as far as Idon’t know yet what my destiny will be. I need a sincere, kind andinteresting man which would love and respect me. Perhaps it’s you,Ronny? Time will show everything, and I don’t want to hurry events.I want to finish this mail, and it was really pleasant to see yourreply very soon. See you soon, my friend ! Your Anastasiya.

Hello, my dear xxxxx. How are you? I hope that you have a goodmood. Today from the very morning I am in high spirits. I got up inthe morning, take a shower, have breakfast, and my thoughts were aboutyou. I thought about that how pleasant in the morning to see the faceof dear and loved person. How pleasant to know that close to you isthe person to whom you are dear and to whom you really mean a lot.From the very morning I imagined how I go to work and spend boringworking day, but also I could see your mail and learn something newabout you. You are my best friend, my thoughts and my feelings areopen and sincere to you, that’s why I want that you too was sincerewith me. If you don’t like something in me, if you think that I amsilly or unworthy of you, please, write me about this, please. I wantthat trust and understanding was between us. We never met, but may bejust this help us to communicate well and learn each other better andmore. I don’t have any secrets from you, my thoughts and feelings areopen to you.Excuse me, that I did not write so much a lot of time. Washing theInternet on my work has been broken, and I could not read and send youthe letter. To me it is sad, that high technologies sometimes givefailures, and it stirs our communication. But we have good contact,and I do not wish to lose you. I want, that we wrote each other, andnothing stirred to us.Many thanks, that you also the story to me about the past,unsuccessful experience. Certainly painfully to speak about it, butnow when we can leave these histories in the past, and think of thefuture. Actually now value has only the present, and we should thinkof the future, and not think of the past.Today my friends invite me to cinema. We will go to the Khabarovskcinema. Cinema Khabarovsk is situated in my town. It is a very bighall and beautiful place. I was said that they show a new movie“Paragraph 78”, they say this is a very good and interesting movie.This is a Russian action movie, with famous Russian actors. Perhaps,you didn’t hear about that film. I can’t say I love the action movies,it is spectacular and impressive, of course, but I love more romanticcomedies. Always pleasant to see some romantic movie, especially whenit accompanied with humor. I dream once to go with you to the cinema,or simply to watch some romantic movie at home in the evening insilence and coziness, simple be with a man who is really interestingto me. One more day is coming to an end, I am sorry, but I will endthis mail, and will write you soon. Yours, Anastasiya.