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Tato,,herečka,,to zkouší pořád,i když jí napíšu,neodpoví na otázky a píše jen jak moc mě miluje a že chce jen peníze,aby mohla být se mnou a jak ráda chce opustit svou ,,rodnnou Rus,,!!! Už se směji jejím nesmyslům,ale je to ONA -posílá fotky s novinama s aktualním dnem-datum a porno.
Nenaleťte této holčičce-má dítě a manžela-jde to slyšet z video zpráv)))))
Comment #170665
Ich kenne sie unter dem Namen Lyuov.
I feel like a fool. I'm tired of sex games.
I will no longer send videos or naked photos.
I feel stupid. I think that you don't want to help me.
Are you superman or are you only virtual player?
I will be honest with you... I really hoped for you and your help.
Not very nice when your hopes are not fulfilled... Believe me it is not very nice!
I was too frank with you. Now I regret it. I think you didn't like it!!
Today I learned that I had to pay for my documents in the next 5-7 days.
If i don't pay, all my documents will be returned to me and
I will not be able to get a visa.
Therefore, if you don’t send me money, you will destroy all my dreams...
Because I think that real man who wants to see me will do all for this.
I did all for you! You have seen my naked photos and video!
Which I did only for YOU! I see you don’t appreciate it!
It really humiliates me.
Only one conclusion - you only play and don’t want to see me.
This is very disappointing because I so much dreamed about us,
about our first meeting! About our first sex!!!
I imagined how we would be in my favorite pose 69.
I dreamed that with you I would try my first anal sex. Because I never had it.
I want that all in my life to come true! And didn't remain only my dream!
Please, help me, if you want this too!
Sometime I feel like whore, because I made a naked photo and video.
But I will not do this anymore. I don't want humiliation.
I made these photos first time! And I did it only for YOU!!!
I hoped that you would help me come to you.
I wanted to come so that all our sexual dreams would come true.
But now I understand that all this is not real!
No matter how many times I prove to you that i am serious,
you are always unhappy.
Because you are just playing with me. Yes? Is it true???
I ask you for the last time - Can you help me?
You will send me money for documents.
If, yes, after I will do for you what you ask. But until you send money,
I will not to do anything.
Send money and I believe in your sincerity!
Because TRUE MAN will find a way to get money for his woman!
If not, you don't consider me your woman.
I repeat that I have only 5-7 days to pay for my documents
We have to pay for these days! Or I can never come to you!!!
320 euros or 360 dollars is not a large amount!
Tell me truth, please. Do you feel sorry for money?
Think, may be I am much more expensive!!!
Understand one of the most important thing
I am ready to share with you all your difficulties.
Not just sex. We will be together and I will help you.
I promise that you will have a delicious food and your home will be clean!
I will be for you the best woman in the world!
And I don't care that we are from different countries or that our age is different.
The main thing that we had a spiritual understanding.
Now, your choice! - Help and send me money or finish our correspondence,
if you really only play with me. Please don't mock me!
Tomorrow I will know for sure... If you need me, you will go and send me money.
If not, this is only game for you. I don't want to write anymore...
I want to cry...

remind you - My full name - LYUBOV KISELYOVA.
My address: 666025, Russia, Irkutsk Oblast, Bolshoy Lug, street Sosnovaja dom 3.
My phone: +7(906)703-22-50
I asked for 30000 russian rubles!
30000 russian rubles - 360 usa dollars or 320 euros.
You can send money through any international system money transfer:
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