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Darling, probably everything will have to be canceled. Right now I'm
crying... Employee called me from the visa center and said that I had
a debt (a gift from my ex who left me) - this is my loan and until I
pay it off, I will not be given a visa. As you know, my ex disappeared
and now I have to pay credit in bank if I want to come to you. How I
hate him. if we convert rubles into euros, to make it clearer how
serious my problems are. I have 3200 euros in my account, and my loan
debt is 2412 euros. I do not know what to do. My favorite thing is
that only 788 euros will remain in my account. Most of the savings
will go towards closing the loan. They explained to me that 1 month of
living in your country will cost me 1500 euros, and I have only 788
euros. And I can't get a visa without this money. As a result, I need
712 euros in my account to get a visa. Darling how can I be? What to
do? Will you help me come to you? This money will not have to be spent
and I will return it to you upon arrival at your place, or I will
return it as soon as I get a visa, if you have a strong need for
money. I all understand that this is not easy, I had money and now my
past has caught up with me .. Our relationship with you is at stake, I
don’t want to lose you. Everything for my trip will be ready within 6
days and I hope you won't leave me? It makes no sense to postpone the
trip, since the documents will be ready and have an expiration date,
and even more so I have already paid for everything. Darling, I don't
need anyone, only you. I'm all yours. Do not let me go… Please be
there. That's all I ask for. I want you. You alone. Very little is
left before our meeting. I so want to hurry you up so that I can see
you as soon as possible. To see you in front of me live, face to face,
dear and my only ...
Comment #170324
The same histori she have write to me.about the visa consulate.dont trust on her.
Comment #170369
certo che non mi fido, sapevo già la storiella finale, la solita di queste donne ridicole.
Comment #171544
Email from someone using the same pictures, but a different email, came in today. I responded with a meme as I always do, but here's what she said:

Sorry for this misunderstanding, very funny and how awkward it turned out.
It was all settled by my friend, I am reveal out about this is only now, when I met her.
I forgot to introduce myself, i am Anna!
My friend applied to a dating agency on my behalf, filled out a form and added a photo.
But she didn't even expect someone to answer me. I asked her to delete my profile, but she cannot, because She forgot the name of this agency, sent an application a week ago.
She didn't even think that someone would respond. I am of course shocked by her.
But she did it not out of malice and interpret that she only wished me good, maybe so I am can find a man with serious intentions. I've never had this kind of dating.
Maybe my friend is right about something and it's time for me to improve on my life!?