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Hello dear Kris!nice to "hear" from you again!how are you doing?

hope this letter will find you in good health and mood!honestly

i am very glad that you found my person interesting enough and worthy

for to continue our associating.This fact gives me a hope for

possible finishing this correspondence as min with meeting as max

with common future life together :) .who knows,time will show us!

as you already read in my letter i am adult woman and have no time

for games or for pen pals,i have concretely goal-to find my half.

so once again i want to mention if you want just to talk with somebody

i am not for that.if you are looking for nice woman for serious

relations you are very welcome!

of course corresponding is also necessary coz we have to find out

who is who,without it real meeting is impossible.also ,if you are

interested,we can talk over the phone ,i have mobile one so

we could hear each other voices.I will give you it later,

I know that it would be maybe not so easy to open soul and mind

to person that you have never seen but i am persuasively asking you

to try to be honest with me and i promise to do the same in return .

So if one day you will lost interest in me just let me know.

I can describe myself as kind,smart easy going lady with optimistic

sights on a life and all the things happening around.i have sense of

humor and think that laugh is the best medicine from stresses and

depressions.I like associating with different people its very

interesting for me to learn this uncountable ensemble of people's

character's qualities that exist in the world.Also i am not refuse

women's role in the family,career is good thing but it doesnt have to

prevent lady to keep her house clean to cook tasty dishes and to be

beautiful and in good shape.I can assure you that i am very good cooker

and my man would never be hungry.Now you might want to ask me "why so

positive nice woman still with empty heart?" you know,it's very

difficult question for to answer,sometimes i also wonder why so ,of course i have

some love experience,i even was living together with man for 2 years,

but because of some unexplained events he was very scared of marriage

and i wasn;t interested in forever indefinitely life together,so

one day everything collapsed.I don't know if you have any information

and imagination about particularities of main part of Slavonic

population,but the truth approximately

looks like that:a lot of man here in Ukraine and in Russia ,

because of their laziness and passion to alcohol ,works as simple

employers and cant provide their families ,so women also have to work

full work day and to do all the things about the house as well,others

men,who have their own business,looking for beautiful silly toys

and don;t interested in marriage but even if so they have a lot

of lovers then,i have totally different vision of family life,so both

variants are not for me.

of course

there are some men who wants my attention but most of them just want to

be owners of a nice toy.Maybe i am too naive for my 31 years but i

still believe in pure fellings.That;s why i am here and writing all of

that now! :)

i wish you a wonderful day

best regards EKATERINA.



The telephone number she later gave me was 380-93-2900-888