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Hello !
How are you?
Today I wanted to install Skype on the computer at work. So we could communicate with you.
But my boss saw that and gave me warning. He said that if he see me again
that I am sitting in the Internet in working hours, he will give me pronunciation.
It's a sad, that Skype will not be available. I do not want the problems with the boss.
But I am sure that there is a no problem with correspondence with us.
I can always find time to answer you.

you probably have this question: "Why do I write to you
from another country ". I looked TV and saw that there are not many
men in other countries are lazy and abusive. Where the marriage is
very serious step in the life. I did not know if you'll want to write
me because of the distance between our countries. But I liked you a
lot. I want explore you. I hope that you will understand me. I have
met some men in my city, but all of these have deceived me or hurt me.
There are a lot of men in Russia who terribly behave to women. I am
writing to you because I hope you are differently raised, and not like
men in Russia.

For me this mutual understanding and relations are important to each other.
Right now it is seldom, who understands and appreciate these qualities of man,
and for me this is important.
Because I do not to play love. The romance is for the youth. These are
more about teenagers. I don’t want spent a lot of time to
correspondence. I need the reality and the sincerity in the
relationships. Of course, it is early to decide that is waiting for us
in the future. It is not decide in the letters, I think so. All will
be clear when we will be closer to each other. I hope you understood
me that I need decent and honest man. The man I can love. The man who
will love me with whole heart. I hope you are that man. Or am I wrong?

I promised to tell you more about me and about Kopeysk where I live.
The city of Kopeysk, located in 1500 km from Moscow. In Chelyabinsk
Oblast. You know Moscow, right? I think, that now you can search
without any problems on the map this place. This very beautiful place,
especially in summer and the winter. Here the very beautiful nature.
In a previous letter, I told you that I work in an insurance company.
I received a good education. I graduated a regular High school, and
then graduated with great grades from the Law faculty. But now I've
understood that career not give me the happiness. The career became a
reason for which I did not find a man so far, there are no children. I
have decided, to change my life because the family is more important.
I believe that I made a right decision ...
I’m really interesting to know you better. So write me.
I'll wait. You can ask any questions.
I have no trouble answering.
OK? Yours Natalya