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Comment #753
Hi Rene,

As always I was very glad to get the letter from you , I
truly hope you will enjoy  your weekend. What actually
you like to do on your weekends?

 I am sorry for not writing for a few days but it is so busy
period at work now, many orders.

I agree that due to our letters step by step we can know each other.But at
the same time I am sure that personal meeting is worth hundreds of e-mails.

I gave my ad to net in a search for serious relationship and I can leave my
work and studies here. I didn't have too serious relationship before, I was
dating with one man for 2 years but we just happened to be too different
persons.I am very loyal and faithful person and I can't forgive when others
betray me.
I hope this letter also help you know me more

Meanwhile I send you my best wishes, have a very nice day Rene
Comment #754
Hi Rene,

I was really pleased to get another letter from you .  So it seems to me
that our correspondence is developing and we have a chance to know more and more
about each other. Thank you for writing me more about yourself, for now our
letters can give us only idea about each other. Though I think that only
personal meeting can give us the real chance to know who we are.

In my spare time I like to watch movies, I like sports, to stay in a good
shape. I like music, dancing.

I am not looking for a penpal, but for the man to share my life with. I am
at the age when the woman wants to have family, children. I don't want to
involved in some relationship here, as I wrote in my previous letter most of
the men lost family values and they don't respect the woman. That is why I
am here. And my outside is good but I have much more in my inside.

Dear Rene, I want to wish you a very nice day, hope this letter gave you
more idea about me and I hope to get your reply soon.

Comment #755
Hello Rene,

I was truly glad to get the reply on my letter . It's still
quite strange   to me, I mean that it's really strange and at the same time
so exciting to   write to the   strange person, to share some thoughts and
things about yourself. But to   be   honest I don't regret that I gave my ad
to net, it was my first time and I  never met the man in net before. So, of
course I want to hope that this   first experience will be pleasant one and I would
be just happy about   that!

Thank you for sharing some more information about yourself . I think it's
the good way to get to know each other by the way of asking questions and
replying them, don't you agree?

I don't have computer at home and that's why it may take some time to
write   you back, and I hope you'd be able to be quite patient while
waiting to my   letters.

Dear Rene, as for my English it's not bad, I studied it at school.
Right now I am studing at university.
OK, I am not looking for the man of some specific age, I do think when
the   man is older that union between the woman and the man would be more
strong.  The man should be more experienced, he may help his woman in some
desicions   having his own one.

Of course I could date some man from my country, but most of them have too
low family and moral values as well. Many of the values have just chaged
here, and when the man earns the money, in many of the cases he just
doesn't   respect his wife.Unfortunately, there are too many of such
occasions.  Besides, it's not really easy to meet decent and honest person
where I   live.

Dear Rene, as you know I am living in the town of Kremenchug in
Ukraine,  it's quite a small town, but very nice.It is near Poltava.

I live with my aunt since my parents died, and I do hope you
understand if I not talk about that issue as it's very painful to me. I
don't have neither sister nor brother, I was the only child. I think
that's   why when I was 18 I was too mature for my age, serious and
responsible   person. But at the same time I can be hurt easily, I am
romantic and   trusty   person.

I have never been outside Ukraine, and I am sure that the world has so
many   unique places worth to be seen. By the way, do you like travelling?
I want you to know that you may feel free to ask me any questions you
wish   and I'd be glad to reply them

Have a nice day

Comment #756
 It's very nice to get your letter.
  Now I'd like to write more about myself. As you know my name is
  Ira, I am 29 .o.
  I would try to be honest in trying to describe my character. I am very
 calm, serious person. I think I am too tender at times, but also romantic,
   I am happy to get to know you, and who knows where it can lead us. I am
  looking for serious relationship, not seeking for the person to play with,
   or who will play with me.
   If you are still interested I'd be glad to get your reply
  Have a very nice day