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Hi,my prince Yves,

Oh, my love, I was so happy to receive your letter today!!!!

My dear, it is so difficult for me to describe my feelings to you!!

You are really the man of my life, the man of my dream!!! Darling it

all seems to me unbelievable and I feel like a princess in a

fairy-tale!!! Dear, you probably think that I am crazy but I am

not!! I am just madly in love with you, Yves!!!!

I'm glad to learn that your country is a country of chocolate!I like

wine and chocolate!

Honey, I have called the agency to find out everything about my trip

and that is what they told me. First of all I need to get some

documents ( a visa and an international ID/passport) and they cost

150 euro. Then the ticket cost 320 euro and I need some

80 euro for airport taxes. To tell you the truth I was disappointed to learn it

because all together the sum is 550 euro and I can't afford such a

trip. I am very sad today. I have told you that my salary is only 200

dollars a month and I have to support my mum as well. I am at a loss and

I do not know what to do. I love you and I thought there is nothing

that can prevent us from being together very very soon. But this

financial problem gets everything to ruin!!!!

Honey, What should I do, tell me, please! I will die without you. I

have got accustomed to you and I do not want to lose you. I am sure

you are the man I have been looking for and we could make a good

family. Now I am very upset and I rely on you only. I know that you

love me and will never let me down.

Well, I'd better go home now because I feel not so good because of all

this news.

Hope we find the solution.

I love you, do not forget, darling!

your Margarita with love

Hi, my love Yves,

your letter stirred me very much and touched my heart!!! I love you

and I know you are my destiny. Why are we so far apart from each

other? Why? Honey, I want to be with you and to be happy. I will never

be happy without you, Yves.

I know we have to fight for our happiness. Please, honey, write me the

name of the international airport, which is close to you. I will find

out if I can afford coming to you. I have 1 month of vacations and

it depends on you how much days I will spend with you!

I am so excited. I feel like doing and undertaking something but I do

not know what. i want to be with you all the time. I need you like any

human-being needs air to breathe!!!

I hope to hear from you soon.

I have never been in love! It is such a great feeling!!! If only we

were together at the moment!...

kiss you,

your Margarita with love

Hi, my darling Yves!

oh, honey, thank you for your letter today! you can't imagine my

feelings when I saw that in my mail box was 1 letter! i understood at

once that it is from you, because you are the only man in my life! I

feel that I am so much attached to you that I am so much in love that

all the thoughts are leaving my head, and it is so difficult to

concentrate on something, so difficult to think about anything but

you! this is so great that we have each other in our lives, my darling


About your idea, it is great, I want to meet you as soon as possible and

you know, my vacations will begin in the end of this month and I want

to visit you, I want to see your style of living and more over I have

never bee abroad, my love! What do you think of it?

honey, I can truly tell you that it seems to me that those days are

the best days in my life, because I am madly in love with you and

because I am sure (I don't know why, this is some 6th feeling) that we

will make each other happy! I will never meet someone better then you

and I am sure that as well that you will never meet the woman who will

love you more then i do! this is like a fairy-tail, and I can't wait

the moment we meet with you and when we will kiss each other for the

first time and everything will be great!

I kiss you, my best man in the world!you are so sweet! I adore you!

Your Margarita with love