Scammer Alina Yagafarova Alina

Podkamennaya Irkutsk Oblast 666014 Russia

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Comment #169924
Received this on 6/12/2021 , from the above email address { }


Sat, Jun 12 at 2:58 AM

Robert, Today I take a lot of risks when I send you this letter!
But remember that I only do it for you! I sent you some naked photos.
I hope you will like it. I believe you, so I took a great risk, but did it for you.
Now you trust me more??? Can you send me money?
You know that I am writing all my letters from school library.
I already told you, if someone sees my photos, I will have big problems.
But I went to this step to prove to you that I am not deceiving and will
really come to you. I hope my risk is not in vain?
I understand that now on Internet a lot of scam.
But I don't understand why do you not believe me?
I sent you a lot of evidence that I am real! I sent you a copy of my Russian passport.
I will use this passport when I receive your money. You will use my passport
details when you send me money. Also you will use my home address,
which I have already given you.How can I deceive you?
If I do this police will punish me.
But I am not afraid of police, because I am not deceiving you.
I will really come and return all your money!
Therefore, I am not afraid to send you copies of my passports.
Let's agree? - If I don't come to you, then you can contact the police.
They will find me and punish me without any problems.
But I know that this will not happen!
It will be different - I will come to you and we will be able to enjoy each other !!!
Yesterday when I was making naked photos for you, I imagined our first sex.
I am not very experienced in sex. I had only one man in my life.
But I think we will have fantastic sex.
Imagine, I slowly undress, you caress me with a feather.
You pour a glass of champagne on me and lick it off.
Then you tie my eyes with your strong male hands, and tie me to the bed with a rope.
Everything, I am in your dominion. I implore you to stop, but you don't listen me
and continue to caress me. Suddenly you enter me, and I begin to moan with pleasure.
You feel that I have an orgasm! Then you untie me, and we have sex in front of mirror.
I see how you look and enjoy my body. It gives you great pleasure. I want to give you
maximum pleasure, too, I go down on my knees, take your dick in my mouth.........
Let my fantasies come true. Help me! Help me out with money.
Understand that payment must be made very quickly.
We have no time. This needs to be done in the coming days.
I look forward to your positive letter.
P.S. what are your favorite poses in the photo?(number).
Comment #169977
Have get the same letters from this scammer,she have send me the same letters and some erotic pictures too,she are very agressive if you not send her the money her tone in her letters are not nice its only about you must hurry up and send the money so fast you can,I have reported her ´here too.
Comment #169982
A group of scammers use pictures of this girl and have been sending people the same texts for years, inserting their names. They're just looking for money.
Comment #169984
I told her I was coming to pick her up in her town, she never wrote to me again. That, of course, did not occur to me. So I proved she was a fraud.
Comment #170022
Robert, I had serious problems.2


Wed, Jun 16 at 12:43 PM

Robert, I had serious problems.
You already know that I live with my grandfather.
Now I am alone, because my grandfather died today.
It's too painful for me.
Now you are MOST CLOSE person to me.
I am very glad that I have you.
Only one thought haunts and very saddens me.
Why have you not helped me still???
Tell me truth. Are you serious about me? Are you ready to help me?
You know that I cannot leave Russia without your help.
My heart tells me that you are very good and honest person.
But I don’t understand why you refuse to help...
We have known each other for more than months and
I have repeatedly proved to you my sincerity.
Please prove me your sincerity too.
Rid me of bad thoughts.
I already wrote to you that I need 28000 Russian rubles.
This is 320 euros or 380 usa dollars.
This money is needed so that I can pay for my visa and come to you.
If you are sincere and really want to see me.
Please, I beg you, help me. I have no one else to ask.
I believe that GOD will not leave me, and very soon I will not be alone.
I am looking forward to your reply. Tell me truth.
Your Irina.
P.S. Once again I remind you how to send me money.
You can send money via MoneyGram,Western Union or RIA.
In my name - NIKITINA IRINA.
Any bank of city Irkutsk, Russia.
Then I can get your money without any problems.
Please hurry up.


Robert Mcgowan

Wed, Jun 16 at 1:02 PM

You say ' But I don’t understand why you refuse to help' if this was NOT A SCAM , You would address the last 3 emails I sent you 100% explaining why I will NOT. It's like all you do is send BLIND / COPY PASTE EMAILS , Telling several of us the ' same shit' This is the 2nd email I have seen from other men , getting the '' SAME EMAIL ' that your grandma died , she has died several times over the past few months. Is she part ' CAT with 9 lives? " this is my final email. look at the photo's off the SCAMMER Busting web sight . Who is Kaare Nicolasjsen last pic ??