Scammer Anetta Anetta

Odessa, Ukraine
Odessa, Ukraine

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Hello Unknown. Sorry to keep you waiting for an answer. I just found your email in my spam folder. Hope you are feeling great. How are you doing? It seems that we have a very funny situation, I sent you a previous letter by chance. In my life, such an unexpected acquaintance occurs for the first time. I do not have a dating experience by email, but now I am writing this letter for you and my face smile, this is a rather interesting way to dating somebody interesting man. In any case, I think that chance does not occur by itself. Personally, it seems to me to write letters can be interesting and this unusual acquaintance will be pleasant.
Well, I'll tell you a little about myself. My name is Anna, but my friends call me Anetta. Of course you can call me Anetta if you want. I live in Odessa, Ukraine And this year I will turn 28 age. By the way, where do you live?
Hope you find me interesting person.Now I am alone but I already was married. I divorced 5 years ago. Honestly, I do not give pleasure to remember the past. By the way, as for my closest plans for the future. Soon I fly to Sri Lanka to relax. I invite you to make me a company if you have an opportunity for this.
Tell me something interesting about yourself, for example, a funny story. You have a hobby without which you can't imagine yourself?
You know, I have never told so easily about myself. I am a fairly liberated personality, but I can't say that I am frivolous. I need time to get used to a person to trust my secrets and the most intimate dreams.
Oops, sorry, I just decided to reread my letter and realized that I have already written a lot. I don't want to burden you with my thoughts. But whatever it was, now we can try to become good pen pals.
P.S. It was a little weird for me that you couldn't send me pictures. I think it's important to communicate and maintain communication. In today's world, there are many ways to copy a picture and a cell phone or computer. I hope you can figure this out. I send you pictures of me every time, and I want it to be mutual. I hope you will do so in your next letter.I send you my photos for you.