Scammer ekaterina/ kateryna Biletskaya/ biletska Katya

ekaterina/ kateryna
Biletskaya/ biletska
30 09/11/1991
dasha kovalevska in west suburbs of Odessa
odessa / ukraine
most of them present on tik tok and instagram for her low wages model career

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she is a talented pro dater. i have date her from 2019 to may 2021 .she is very talented to steal your money make you think she is engaged with you. invent stories about her life, work with a community manager and her mother to fake her life. As she is really stupid, she forget to sanitize her social network like tik tok about the fact that she is going in vacancies with her ukrainian boyfriend while she pretends to love you.she calls you my love when she needs money. pretends to need money to study english while the school never existed. there is not anything real about her. Probably she needs the money to continue her several plastic surgeries. Never forget that there is never smoke without fire . If everyone says she is a scammer she is for real. I am probably the man who knows her the best. She is a poison. To avoid 100%
Never forget that she have no interest in you. she likes only money. she was escort in dubai earlier. she was doing porta potties and other dirty practices in that time. On one occasion she got 10000 dollars to get fucked but the guy hit her so hard that he broke her jaw and all her teeth. No needs to tell that she have not even a single sip of love for men. she likes bucks. Her mom doesn't like what she does)))
she doesn't believe in love guys only in "clever men" that keep paying all her expenses. But she doesn't even want to fuck for the price))). To keep contact and meet you, it's never for free. You need to pay all. As soon as you say no, she fires you and start to find a new prey. this is how she works. there will never be any feelings in her heart. 100% business
Her only interest in life is to suntan in dirty clubs on Arkadia beach, get drunk with her shitty girlfriends and spend all her money in plastic surgeries and cosmetics. And sure she likes to get invited on travels to make pictures for her social networks and sanitize you from the shooting)))
she can be very creative to steal money from you.
Guys never forget that a relationship should be for free, if someone ask money spend it on real escorts or keep it for yourself.