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Kiev Ukraine

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I met this girl on first first name « fatal » id « inconceivable » and then we went on skype speeking i dont have the
history of the conversations because she deleted her profil. I send her money to get a visa to come to France, i did send her 2300 euros ; and
then after a couple of weeks she was supposed to came ,

but she send me this mail : « i have two bad news:(
First - i still dont have my passport.The guy has no idea why they dont give it and what the reason is.Cas he gave my passport and another
woman for the same purpose.She got her passport.I didnt.May be they check smth, may be not.But i didnt have any rejections before so i
really cant get what is the problem.I am really sorry and upset.So, tomm, last day and now i dont even believe i can have it. Second news is
that i have to give more money ((((It sucs.Want to cry^(((((((((((((((((((
Miss you.Hope you have a rest, dear.”

And then, nothing. She deleted her profile on, then I found her again on with
another first name “Nadejda” id 59581; and another email with the same photos, so I send her an email with another
profile without telling her that I know who she is, so she send me back more photos like the same time.. and then she deleted her profile
again from this site.

Now, I did found a new profile of her on but since I don’t speek Russian, I cant know what is it, her real name is Mona and her id
on is “ston” the link is :