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Hello again (one more more try… ), I am trying to
contact you for few time from now :( …. I hope now with much
luck today … I am Eva, you give me your e-Mail address on Russian Cupid
- InternationalCudip. com to write you and to communicate much good few
time ago. I have write you from my personal e-Mail but I have not recive
nothing from you, perhaps I have problems with old personal email … :(
or I don’t know… I try again today to write you from my work e-Mail, I
hope I will not have a problem at the work and maybe this time my
message come to you.I am not sure if you remember me because it pass few
time till the day when you give me your email to write you :( …. and you
still want to talk with me... or maybe till now you have find another
beautiful woman in your life. I really don’t want to disturb you or
something and if you find another woman , I apologies to you because I
write you and to her , I don’t want to upset you or if is another woman
in your life to upset her. so sorry… :( from begging I really
don’t want to make any problems to you or to somebody else. Okay
?? So if you find another woman… you can tell me and I will not write
you. I understand. It pass few time. I am not so sure how it is working
this time of dating till now… and I am not sure if it will work with me
or for us or for somebody…. I have make long time ago a account, I have
send them my governmental ID, I have pay few monies for an platinum
account, and I have try to stay in contact with few people but…. :( I
want to tell you that if you feel that you don't like me or if you feel
that I am not for you or I am far away or …if you find somebody else…
you can tell me... it is not a problem... I understand... I know that
there are many many sweet and beautiful girls and maybe you have luck
with them till …now or from now on… if not maybe just with me I don't
know what it will happen in the future with us .. :) nobody know the
future ! :) well I am at work in this moment , in the lunch time
right now from the work, 1h and I will try to write you again:) I want
to say to you that I am so sorry for my bad english. When you don't
understand something please say, okay ?? I will try to repeat in
another way... with other words. I have make some english in the school
and a little on university.I have not write and talk with somebody in
english for years :) So sorry again … :( I will try to improve
if we will be friends or much more :) maybe I will take a dictionary
English -> Romanian / Romanian -> English:) Okay ? Also…
… I am a little bit shy, you should know that because I don't know what
to write you... I try to search on Google what I should write on first
email of dating people online :) ... but this is stupid... I am not sure
If I will do good or I will write you long or short :) Or..... or If I
write you a long e-Mail .. I am a little bit affraid that my e-Mail it
will not reach you again …:( or something else... I need to say that I
am a have emotion in this moment ... :) Please don't laugh
about this :) I enter on the on the date site because want to find a
good man, just a good man that want a future with me, and you have give
me your e-Mail address I have try to contact you before, I have not
recive nothing from you, I loose my e-Mail account… and now I find again
your e-mail address writed on my agenda and I am trying again to write you.

About me: My name is Eva. Born here in my country Romania on 5 September
1984, 36 year old in this moment, but this year I will make 37 year old
but I look much more younger, no ? :) My height is 175 cm - I
hope I am not to tall for you.. :) Joking … Yes I like to joke
a lot and I believe that I have a good sense of humour, my weight is i
think 55 kg, sometimes less or more. I live with my good parents in nice
city called near Danube river, named Braila, also the city where I was
born and I leave till now. We leave in the old apartment with 4 rooms (a
living room, 3 bedrooms ). I work like a secretary for a company named
Pietricica Co Braila SRL, here in the town for a local company which
deal with construction materials and interior design and also working
in the weekends like baby-sitter when I can not in this moment because
is this problem with Covid 19 and I don’t go at people at home to take
care about children, but when things come to normal I will be glad to
work again like baby sister . I come from a loving family with good
moral value and wish to have my own in the future and to make a good
family. I am honest, kind, intelligent (I think so), tender, sweet,
lovely, sensetive, romantic. I am not a top model and the most beautiful
girl in the worl, but I belive that I am not so ugly. Like I say on my
description from the date site, I am not looking for Superman,Batman,
Brad Pitt and for Prince Charming. I am not a girl that spend time on
social network. I feel bad when I see people that are loosing time with
this, are many things to do in real life. I hope you are not a man that
loose time on social networks. I don't have much access to Internet,
just from Internet Caffe and also from where I work... I can access
almost all the time.. but not in the personal ways... but shhh shhhhh
shhhhhhh :)) this it will be our secret :).... I will write you
from the work... when I can... but my supervisor don't need to see me...
maybe from the work I will write you short... Okay? With the time when I
will know you much better I will give you my mobile number to call me,
even that it is expensive to call from a country to another. In this
moment because of Covid 19 , I stay many time at home, and now I am
working again 3 days by week. Well if you will not like me or something
else, if you think thatit will not working or you have find a good and
beautiful woman, maybe we will remain just friends!!! Okay ?? I
promise that I will never make you hurting or try to offend you or tell
you stupid things and I hope you will not do this to me... and you will
not fight or write me stupid things.. PLEASE! Well ... I want to
tell you something... before I meet you over the date site some man
write me, but they ask me for stupid things and I don't respoden to them
... I don't want to compare you with somebody, but... I also don't like
to loose time of my life... and with this mans that I talk they ask me
about porn pictures (sexy), or they talk dirty, or some ... I believe
that are just joking... Please with all of my heart...if you belive that
this is a joke... or you want sexy photos... you should know that you
will not get nothing from …me… and also I don't like when people talk
dirty about sex and also I belive that Internet it is not for this...
Okay ? :( Don't get upsad that I tell you this... but... honest I tell
you... that I am really looking for somebody to talk, to become my best
friend, and to see that we fall in love, and maybe to meet and maybe to
start a life... a family... I hope you know what I mean... Please with
all of my heart don't get mad on me that I tell you this.. Okay
? Also some other mans tell me about their strange stories about some
other girls from Russia or Ukraine that are not real or they want just
monies... and I tell them that I don't want to know... NO DRAMA !!!
PLEASE ! :( !!! PLEASE PLEASE NO DRAMA!!! :( I don’t want to hear about
nobody bad experience… I am so sorry for all people that get hurt , but
this is life I can not change it even that I want. So please no drama. I
just want to be simple and nice, okay ???

If you are still available and single please write me, I wish to
communicate with you.. if you still looking for a good woman, if not I
am so sorry to disturb and I don’t want the woman that you have not in
your life to get angry. I know that it pass a lot of time … weeks.. when
you give me your e-Mail, and also maybe you even forget about me. I
don’t know ! :( I really hope that my e-Mail come to you this time. By
the way my work email is this from where I write you now :
ev[email protected] and my personal e-Mail address is :
[email protected] where I want you to write me if you want to
communicate with me, but also you can write me on this email from work.
I have many questions, but it doesn't make sense to put them on you now
. I put some photos of me in this email that I write you... Are photos
with me that I have it when I was on dating site , I have a lot of
photos with me so if you are still single and you will write
me I will send you :) ... I hope you will read this e-Mail with
pleasure and I hope you have a good day! SMILE! If I write you much and
you will not read what I write here... I loose my time I guess.. :( but
it is no problem ... :( I really hope that you will answer me and tell
me about you and send me some photos! If you have question don't
hesitate to write ask me ok?! Thanks. Have a nice day and stay
safe !

Be happy and be loved !!!

Comment #171753
This person hasnt had her pictures stolen she is a major part if not all of the scammer . I have 20 more pictures some taken holding a piece of paper with a personal message on it .