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Hello !!!

Thank you for writing me back:))) I am happy to have such a chance to
know you here:)))). Thank you for sending me your photo the first of
all!!! Wow:))) You look great! I find you a very attractive man!!! And
it is not a flatter from my side. You look like a true man for me.
Your face, your body, all of you!! I am sure that every woman in every
country would be honored to date with you!!!! I feel luckily to meet
you and to have you interested in me:))).

Thank you so much for the compliments you are telling me:))) Wow:))).
I am not used to receive such words in my address. Men in my town are
so stingy with compliments! I am honored that you find me beautiful.
And know your words to me are very pleasant!!!

Unfortunately, I have never been abroad :((((. But travelling has been
my big dream always!! I would love to visit france one day:) To meet
you over there would be so wonderful!!!!

I am so excited)))) I write you now my words now and I feel the
butterflies flying in my tummy:)))) Do you know such feeling?:))))

Of course, I want to make good impression on you. At the same time I
want to be myself as I want you to like me the way I am. I never
pretend to be someone I am not. Also, I want to ask you to be always
yourself with me!! I never want you to change to something you are
not. I think that only being ourselves with each other always we have
create really strong and lovely relationship together!!! Please, write
me what do you think about it, Ok?:)

As you already know, my name is Tatiana. I live in Ukraine and you
know, now my region faces a very bad times((((( Everything started in
Spring 2014 and till today we are living in war and fear...
have you heard about war in my region? Also such situation with a
coronavirus now... It is so awful(((((

So, I live in Bryanka town together with my mom, I do not have
brothers or sisters but have cousins. I am 165 cm height and 54 kg
weight. I am told I have very special eyes which are
blue-green-grey))))) I am dark blond but when sun kisses my hair
becomes lighter. My favorite color is Red))) What is yours?:) I now
work at the fitness center. I like fitness and prefer to have healthy
life style. At the moment my fitness center is closed(((.

I am writing you from our local Internet cafe. I can speak English. I
will be finishing per now and I hope to receive your answer soon:)))

Shy kiss from Tatiana:))).
Comment #169754
Thanks for the warning, she also wrote to me.