apt - 12, Dachnaya street 23/5, Novosibirsk, 630082, Russia
apt - 12, Dachnaya street 23/5, Novosibirsk, 630082, Russia

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Comment #169329
5 emails in a row asking for money , here is 2 of the 5. . . copy past Quote >>> ' I need 20000 Russian rubles. This is 300 usa dollars,
so you better understand how much it is in currency.
It will include medical insurance and everything that should
be there. Perhaps, you think why it is so expensive. Well,
sum of money includes visa, insurance, medical certificate
and many other papers. '' < this was one , this is #2 > > > copy paste quote '' Robert. this is another letter today for you.
I wish to tell, that you did not worry for tickets.
I need about 600 USD to buy tickets. But I don't need it now.
I will need to buy the ticket when I shall receive the visa.
I will try to find money by this time. I understand what you think
now. If I can't find 300 USD then how could I find 600 USD.
It is easy. I am going to sell my fur coat. It is a very expensive fur
and I can sell it for 600-800 USD.''
Comment #169355
This scammer has been active for over 2 years now on this site. Ive listed below as many of the emails from this site as I could find. Hope they help guys.
Comment #169370
Thanks Roger Scott , She sent me some HOT ' necked ' photo's I did not ask or even hint for today. Funny she did not answer my questions of why the different passports with different names.
Comment #169980
She also contacted me with at least 15 e-mail addresses, otherwise a photo model that uses the image of Angelina Joly.
Comment #171728
May be pic which I add today prove to you that I am real.
I made it yesterday to prove to you that I am real. Hope
you remember my nick name? (Angel). I have written about
it in my second letter to you. My friends call me Angel.
I think that you have concerns about me real.
I hope you understand my situation?
If I would not pay for visa I would give up. Then it will be
very difficult To get it. Please understand 300 is a price of all
documents. This is not price of visa only! This is full amount
of all documents! It is price of visa, insurance and many others.
I must pay for it in different places therefore I am asking you to
send money help to me. I have already sent all documents to
Moscow. And now they demand the receipt on payment.
They still wait payment. I have agreed they some more days will
wait it.тUnderstand I have already collected and given all documents.
And I must pay for it only. And I would get a visa. I hope you understand
my haste. I will give you your money back! I promise!!!! I will study
and work in your country and will give you the money back. I just want
happiness. And I want it to be with you. I have only good goals.
I hope that you will understand and help me.
P.S. I already wrote to you-
You should send money to Novosibirsk for my name.
My full name - ANZHELA VOTSKE.
ANZHELA - this is my name.
VOTSKE - is my last name.
City - Novosibirsk,
Region (state) - Novosibirskaya oblast,
Country - Russia.
You can send money through WorldRemit:
You can send money through Western Union:
Nikitina street 62,
Novosibirsk, 630008, Russia
You can send money through RIA:
Yadrincevskaya street 16A,
Novosibirsk, 630099, Russia
You can send money through MoneyGram:
Kirova Str. 86,