Scammer Lysenko Valentina Aleksandrovna

Lysenko Valentina
32 years old. September 10th 1987
Ukhta (Russia, the Republic of Komi)
Oktyabrskaya Street, House 3, Postal Code 169300

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I work as a second surgeon in a small clinic for 4 years. I'm proud that I help people.

1) What is your full name? - Tetskaia Valentina
2) Where do you live now? - Russia - Ukhta

3) Eye color? - The black

4) Hair color? - Brunette

5) Growth? - 170 cm

6) Weight? - 50 kg

7) Do you smoke? - Not

8) Do you drink? - Not

9) Do you use drugs? - Not

10) Do you travel a lot? - Not

11) What's your favorite color? - The black

12) What's your favorite movie? - Time

What's your favorite song? - I love different music, it all depends on the mood

13) What are you most afraid of in life? - Loneliness

14) Believe in God? - Protestant, I hope you understand this correctly.

15) Do you believe in love? - Yes

16) Are you in love? - It's hard to say, time will tell

17) What do you most want from life? - To start a family

18) Do you believe in love at first sight? - Yes. I think yes

19) Do you believe in sex before marriage? Only with your loved one.

Hello my dear xxx

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Dear, I will write you my bank details and my full details, which you
can use.

bank data:
Name of Bank: ALFA-BANK
IBAN: 40817840308050009312
holder name: Lysenko Valentina Aleksandrovna
My Address: Russia, Ukhta, Oktyabrskaya Street, House 3, Postal Code 169300
Address of the Main Bank: Russia, 107078, Moscow, st. Kalanchevskaya, 27.