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Hello my dear man.
I read your letter.
I understand your situation, your position. Yes, you have the right to think so, act so, think. Now I understand, that you have doubts concerning me. I understand you, and consequently I am not offended by it. I too think, that it is impossible well to learn men, while you personally do not meet it. I the young girl, and I can not find money, necessary for travel. Also I yet have no any savings. Money, which I have at the work I quickly for my daughter, I use to get beautiful clothes and ornaments. There is no other way for me to arrive without your help.
much to understand, that is done on ground and as other people suffer from it. I you see understand that in a world a lot of evil, not of the truth and fraud. Yes, anywhere from it will not get to. It very much and very bad. Many
people to care only of the profit and do not think of feelings and experiences of other man. They do not reflect, how it will be then bad, it is the very mean and malicious people. On mine they to not have anything sacred in the heart. It is a lot of such people in a world and in Russia certainly too. I you was very good to understand and to respect for that that you to not be afraid to tell me about it. Yes certainly people should trust each other, at what even if they to
be far apart. The all this truth is very not usual. I even itself when to write to you first time. I am sending a copy of my passport, and an extract from my account. This will prove that I want and want to meet you. Have a great time. Only 2 weeks, but later, we will be able to create a meeting again in the future. If we like it. I am ready for this step and agree. I have serious intentions to meet.
I'm not going to live off your account - "sit on the neck."
I say divide our expenses. I want you to participate in this. This is fair and honest. I already have vacations, and the days go by very quickly. I will send a copy of the documents, you are all missing this. We are already one step away from the meeting. I need to pay, wait 5 days, come to you.
In a week, we can be together.
Also, I want to say again, I have a vacation, it will last a month. It will end on June 10. And I want to have a meeting with you, spend 2 weeks together. I think this is the maximum I can do. During this time, my daughter will live with my mother or grandmother. It's not a problem. We have very little time to solve this, to start building a plan, creating this. As I wrote earlier, the whole preparation will take about 3-5 days, about a week at most. I have given the vaccine, I will not need to undergo quarantine, only a routine test, before departure, to the airport, which will take about 30 minutes. There will be no restrictions. There are no problems with flights, planes fly. All information, I will double-check. I do not know what and how else to write to you. I do not want to argue, to prove something. I just want to have a meeting and have a wonderful time. I really want it. But now we only have 2 options. First, we will never be able to meet and this is bad !!! I hate money, because now everything is decided only by money. And if a person has money, then he can do everything, and if a person does not have money, then he cannot do anything. But for me money is not the main thing. But without money, I will not be able to come to you, and apart from you I have no one to help with money. But okay. If you don’t trust me, then okay. I leave the choice to you! I want you to listen only to your heart !!! Option two. If you decide to send money, then I will come to you! And maybe we will be happy for the rest of our lives. I won't talk about money anymore. I want you to decide for yourself what to do. But please make the right choice. But if you decide not to send money, then I will understand you this is your choice and the choice of every person is decided correctly.
I understand your fears. I shall be fair with you. I do not deceive you, but your belief in
me depends only on you. I ask you if you cannot trust me do not write to me more. But if nevertheless decide to trust me I shall be glad to have with you meet. Whether but to you it will be come you will decide to help me money for my arrival to you whether or not, it depends on you! I cannot arrive to you if you will not help me money. I shall not ask more you about the financial help. If you can believe and send me money it will be the correct decision. But if you do not trust me that do not write
to me more !!! I hope that you will listen to your heart and will make the correct decision! Concerning money money let will be damned! Now I think, that all over the world people depend only on money !!!
I hate it. But in any case I cannot arrive without cash to you.
Best regards, your friend from Russia.