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Hello my lovely man Keith, my love Keith!!!!

I so am glad that you again have written to me the interesting letter!
And in general I on you very much have become missed, my love Keith. I
always on you miss! Both day and night... How your businesses? How you
there live without me? My dear, I do not understand, what for you send
me a photo of other women? What do you wish to tell to me it? When I
write you each letter always I think of that as it will be good to us
together. I dream of you very much. How you think it normally? I think
it it is very necessary for both of us. And then when all of us shall be
together we already we shall go for a walk together and to talk about
these dreams and to build the plans for the future. My love Keith, you
want it? I very much want it! It will be interesting also I can learn
your desires, dream to help you to realize them. We shall be together
and always we shall be necessary each other, my love Keith. I want to
divide with you the life, all that at me is! I feel that we with you are
very close now, my Keith, I want to be with you and you too want to be
with me a number. I very strongly love you also you me too very strongly
love. I know it and you know it. I you see very strongly love you and I
do not want to lose you never. I want always to be near to you, to care
of you, to love you. There can be you think what for I repeat these
words so many times? I can to you answer. I never loved so strongly. And
now I have this love which gives me forces to live, to hope for best. I
am afraid of to lose you. I shall love you eternally. You can tell me
and why you so is sure in the feeling? I am sure because I love. And
from the party I can to you precisely tell that I always shall to love
you, my love Keith. I am really self-assured, in the feelings, in the
ideas. I do not want you to lose. I am afraid of you to lose now or then
. it unimportantly. The main thing is you are with me always and
forever. I know that we now are very close to each other, but I want to
be even closer to you to know that you want, what help from me expect. I
want to do the utmost by me to help you in everything, certainly from
your consent. I want that you trusted me as to yourselves, understood me
from half of word, and can be even and without words. I think that it
important. Now we are too far to be so close to each other, my love
Keith, but we soon shall together. Please, mine favourite the man Keith,
my love Keith, think of it and write to me the opinion on it. I very
strongly love you. Now I need to go. Please, write to me more thickly.
You know that I become happy when I receive your letters! Think of me! I
very strongly love you. Only yours and forever yours, Kisses and hugs,

P.S. I love you a lot!!!

By the way I never sent her 1 ruble

Number 1

Hi Keith.

Wished to take an interest as at you business and how your state of health? Whether all with you is good? I consider, that if two persons begin dialogue it should be a little friendly and we should find time each other. This important information and I want, that you have paid to this attention because my knowledge of English language not so are great also to me it is necessary to resort to the help of the program-translation for full understanding of your letter. Probably I am not too formed, and my skill to print not so helps me, but I nevertheless wished to know, your relation to my last letter. I hope, that you do not consider me as the bore or the person not capable to express the ideas. Well, we shall consider, that our acquaintance has successfully begun also we can have put some beginning to communicate. I have no phone. So you cannot call to me.

In this letter I shall tell to you a little about myself. My mother and the father very good parents. My mother call Veronika, and my father Victor. These are Russian names of my parents and I write their names as they sound on English language. I would like to tell to you, that I well enough developed as the child and my hobbies often contacted perusal of any book. I like inexpressible character Aleksandra Duma, with his unique " Three musketeers ". To me was only eight years when I have started to read this book. Then in current of any time I again and again came back to this book and understood sense on another. It is valid so, that during some moments of our life we act in one cases, so, but in due course on another. I read many books in the life, but I do not want, that you considered me really boring and consequently I ask to pay attention again to my childhood. As it is pleasant to visit again the childhood and to remember the favourite moments. I went to a kindergarten, then I have gone to school where I dreamed to be the teacher or the doctor. For me it there were the most noble trades on the ground and I tried to be trained in these trades. Unfortunately at that time when I have left school, in Russia have much changed also reorganization have turned all from legs on a head. Training have made completely paid and it was necessary to pay for education very much a big sum of money. My family at that time had no such money and consequently now I work in a hairdressing salon. I do not know, that to you to tell about my work, probably you will count it boring, but I the ordinary hairdresser who is able to do small work. But I not about it, I think, that it is good, that I can communicate with you and consequently I only wish to ask you. If you sometime will think, that I to you am uninteresting, or you do not wish to receive letters from me only write to me about it. And you never receive from me letters. I do not wish to be persevering if only you do not ask me about it. I think, that on it to you it is possible to consider my letter finished.

I only hope, that I answer all your questions and consequently I wish you good day. Yours faithfully Svetlana!

Number 2

Hello Keith!

Well here and again I receive from you Keith the long-awaited letter. Whether you are glad to our dialogue? I can fairly admit, that I am glad. And me not looking that I am ready to go further in our conversations, me your meaning of the life and for the sake of what you live is clear. I am ready to know about all of you, but it I think will occur in due course. Our life is very short in spite of the fact that we do not consider days, but only years. And we wish to be in time all in our lives. Whether it be celebrating of new year or Christmas and a meeting of friends close to us. I like your photo. You the nice and attractive man. I to not have so it is a lot of friends and my mother always spoke me, that I should not have many friends. It is not enough present friends and always the present friends are not so close as it would be desirable. I to have the girlfriend who call Natalia about which I would like to tell to you my friend Keith, my girlfriend is close for me and lives in the next city which Nizhni Novgorod refers to. Sometimes my girlfriend Natalia comes to me on target and we spend together with her all days off. She also has children, these remarkable children, but one is compelled to live without the husband as her husband has appeared not the good person and when has learned about pregnancy of the wife has thrown her one. It is very bad, that sometimes on a vital way to us there are similar people and we not at once can make out their true face. It is very a pity, but our life constantly learns us to something and if we are ready to this test the destiny tests us again. Here therefore I also would like to pay the big attention between our friendly mutual relations to trust and an openness. When the person writes, that he thinks, it at once is visible from the letter to him. His openness and honesty is visible in each word. Therefore I simply ask you to be with me frank. And consequently I asked in the last letter to you to be with me opened. If you do not wish to write to me and I bother you. Write to me, that you never would like to see my letters and I never any more shall not write to you my dear Keith. Letters it is not simple letters, and words which are written by the alive woman who searches, to a little love, it is a little understanding, it is a little trust which so there is no in ordinary me a life. To be one and the nobility, that you are necessary to nobody. Such idea frightens me. To be someone in a life necessary (not obliged) it only a part of that I can write to you today. I wish to know, all about you and at the same time I wait for your questions to answer the following with the letter. Remember, the person to whom you write is interested in you and waits only for your letter. Yours faithfully Svetlana.

Number 3

Today a sunny day and in spite of the fact that since morning the sky was in clouds now at me a dinner and I have left from work earlier to have time to write to you. I am pleasantly surprised by that I see your letter. For me the sun shines now more brightly and the life becomes finer. How many you of letters have written to me Keith? It so is amusing. When you receive the letter from the person who is so far and understands all amusing situation. We see with you only our computers which deliver to us the information, and also photos which are in a corner of our monitors. I would like to see still your photos Keith. To me the truth it would be pleasant. Let it will be my small whim on which you my dear Keith will agree, okey? I never was married and I have no children. I live together with my parents. I wish to tell, that I really work in a hairdressing salon. Here 4 years also work. I have almost reached professionalism in the work and I have constant clients whom I serve. I like my work and in spite of the fact that I have finished technical school on a speciality the manager on trade I anywhere a haze to get a job. It is very heavy for were fixed up for a job in Russia now not having the experience of work. But my work is fascinating and interesting. I hope, what I have answered your question, yes? I have not enough time for an entertainment. But when I have it I meet girlfriends. We go to cinema or cafe to speak and drink coffee. I also like to read love novels. So it is pleasant on a soul and solar beams get into the Internet of cafe now when I print to you this letter Keith. It is strange, what we have met? Your opinion? Probably it is destiny. But how you consider Keith? You trust in destiny. Or you do not wish to speak me about it? You should and answer this question, but nevertheless I simply showed the interest and it was important to me to know your opinion on it my dear Keith. Dear Keith to you it is pleasant if I shall name you so? I certainly can write to you and the friend Keith, but we can practically name everyone on the Internet a word "FRIEND". I simply wanted, that you knew, that for me you are little bit specific person. Special. It can be understood from my letters to you. You understand it Keith? I ask because it really so. I cannot tell to you about the feelings because I to not test to you love, but I like reading your letters and you became nice for me and it very much is pleasant to me. I hope, what my words at all do not offend you my dear Keith? And consequently if it so I ask from you a pardon and I do not wish to quarrel with you because I very much like dialogue with you.

Tell to me please in the following letter what interesting occurs at you in the country? I recently saw channel " Deskavery " and I liked the cognitive program about wild animals. Is so many places on the ground where we never were and still once I I think, that I could travel somewhere. I very much would like mountains. And in the childhood I often could travel one in a wood and always came back home. I also liked fishing and we with the father are desperate fishers. And I shall be glad to send you photos me in the childhood with my father and mother that you could see my parents. But I not about it. Send me the home address that I could send you the hand-written letter or a congratulatory card. I send you my home address that you also could write to me the hand-written letter: My full name: my first name Svetlana, last name Sokolova. My full home address: Street Komsomol 18 Apartment 42

Postal index: 613000

The city of Kirov

The country Russia.

I have reflected and I ask to forgive me Keith. So it is unusual to visit again the childhood and to state the ideas. Thanks you Keith. I am grateful to you, that you listen to me, understand me. For your questions, for your answers Keith I am very grateful to you. You allow me to visit the childhood, (thus I should not sit down in the machine of time, it is a joke). To be that whom you you are for me very important. And I hope, that now you understand me better. Know about m no more. I do not know, that will occur next minute, but I hasten to tell to you " successful day Keith " and all most the best. Let this day will be the brightest in your life and remember each moment of the lived day. All most good. With the best regards from Svetlana.

P.S. I have no phone where you could call to me. I regret, but to have phone very expensively in our country. So send me the phone number that I could call to you from the international telegraph.

Number 4

Hello Keith!

Thanks you huge for your letter Keith I was very glad to receive your letter today with your answers. Certainly I would like to know more that you have written to me, but in any case I am glad, that you tried to answer my questions. And now I shall try to answer itself those questions which I have written in the last letter to you. On myself I you love a word very difficult on sense. When I write to you this word it is absolutely unessential, that you understand it in the same understanding as well as I. Let it will be little bit philosophical but so it and is, and you should agree with it so in fact Keith? Different languages, various culture I have an effect, but not about it, I take a great interest in own reasonings though I do not read philosophy. (Smile). But I understand, that all the same should answer the question. Love and all that is connected with this word. Love in my understanding feeling, feeling of a new birth. When the love grasps the person at him does not remain forces to oppose to it. It not the word is a feeling. Feelings above words. Feelings do not require the words, enough one nod of the head, one gesture to understand other person. That the nobility, that you belong to him and only to him. Let even if you also try something to express to other person through the letter it so is difficult for understanding what exactly actually you wish to express. The love is language of two various people, and let even they do not speak in one language, it is not an obstacle for their understanding. Therefore it is very difficult to me to write to you that you have really understood, that I love you Keith. It is difficult, and you should understand me and agree, what it is impossible Keith, so in fact? I not such word which would express all my essence, but I sincerely wish to hope, on your understanding and that you correctly understand me my dear Keith. My dear, write the airport name in which you will meet me. Then I can search for the information concerning air tickets.

You know so difficultly to live without something new but when you Keith let me it know I am very glad, that you give me such new feeling. But you should recognize Keith, that it is very difficult to give, but to receive nothing back. Connection in love is very important, that you gave and received back everything, that you give. It is the law which to any other laws does not submit, but indeed actually. If you gave to lives, you received it back, can not at once, but in due course. It is a life. Here again to not get to anywhere. I hope, that you have understood sense of my words Keith and now you understand me not simply is better as the usual person, and the person which is tested with that pure feeling which you have presented me my dear Keith. And I am always ready to present you the same feeling back. I love you Keith and I say goodbye on it. Your fine Svetlana.
Number 5 Sex Play

My love Keith!!!

I am glad you have understood me. Today at us warm solar weather. It brings pleasure to my heart. But the big pleasure is brought to me by you.You are in very high position in my opinion. I am happy to hear these words and explanation from you. We have common interest in many things. I like this. In the following letter I will write you the information on the prices for air tickets.

I want us to look into all positions.

I enjoyed the discussion of love. And in this letter I'd like to express my view on sex. It is an important part of relationship as well. Is love an art? If yes, then it demands knowledge and efforts or perhaps love is just pleasant feeling that can be tried by chance - something a person gets as his fortune. Sexual desire demands union but physical attraction is based not only on desire to get rid of painful tension. Sexual desire might be inspired with love, trouble, solitude, craving to conquer and be conquered, and vanity, need to pain and even destroy. It turns out to be that sexual desire is aroused or easily united with any other strong emotion, only one of which is love. Therefore sexual desire in most people mind is combined with the idea of love. People are easily deluded that they love each other when they feel physical attraction. When desire of sexual union is evoked by love, love-making is deprived of greed, need to conquer and be conquered but is full of tenderness. If desire of physical union isn't produced by love and if erotic love isn't supplemented with brotherly love, this never leads to the unity that would become something more than orgy unity coming by. Sexual attraction creates an illusion of unity for a moment that burns down without love. Such a brief unity keeps people strange as they were not having been acquainted. They even hate each other cause after this illusion goes away they feel aloofness stronger than before. I want us to understand each other in bed. It is significant to me, you see. Sometimes I fall asleep and see erotic dreams where you act the main role. I take pleasure in doing this in my dreams. I may awake during night because of pleasure. Don't laugh at me, please. I think you know me and take in this seriously. I am telling you my dream. Listen… Evening. Your empty apartment in which I sit absolutely having started missing. Suddenly a bell at a door … It you Keith. I open a door, standing in a transparent blue vest and shorts. You undress, and we is passable in a hall. Here that all also begins … you I approach to me behind and gently embrace me for a waist... You Start to tender kiss very much me in a neck: cautiously you concern lips to a neck, and at once you hear a silent sigh of pleasure. After even several kisses I become soft and pliable... My body began to relax gradually. You get the hands to me under a transparent vest, and touch beautiful elastic breasts. Gently and easy you start to kiss and play language with dummies which began to increase from forthcoming pleasure. You hear silent my groan. You feel, how shivered and my legs began to be turned in. And any more in forces to restrain, I base two hands on a table. I slightly bend down forward and I touch wonderful sing to already elastic member. Slowly and very sexually I be afraid... Thus it is even more raising you … Then I turn to you the person, and you enjoy all picture seen. I already stand everything, being exhausted, and my dummies have strongly bulked up under a vest. You gently remove it, simultaneously caressing me. And here I shy

speak: « I want you Keith », and we merge in a passionate kiss. You embrace me even more strong, and we begin " game - languages ". At this time you rumple my to the priest and hear, how I to groan from excitation. And your fingers have touched my shorts. I sharply and not falteringly sigh, and during too time you start a hand to me under shorts. At once you will feel, as I all have got wet from desire and an anticipation of the further events. The aperture of a vagina so wet, that drops of a moisture flows at me on hips. Then you take me, about a table, on hands and carry on a sofa. Accurately you put me on a sofa and under the priest to me you put a pillow … Then you pull together from me shorts. And having rejected them aside, you start to caress lips and language my hips, already exhausted from excitation … gradually you approach a vagina... And gentle kisses you start to kiss my sexual lips … gradually you start them to bite, and then language to make the way as I was possible further in me … to groan all more strongly and more strongly … you have gently turned me, bend a little bit forward … You remove jeans and then few times you will spend the member on expiring from desire to my aperture … Then you have entered it into me, and I there and then scream … I start to drive quietly sing forward back, gradually that, raising, that, lowering it … it brings to you the even greater pleasure … then I place legs even more widely and slightly I lower the to the priest that you could as it is possible to enter further into me … You are straightened and take my to the priest to yourself in hands... Some times you knock quietly on it … and then again you begin progress. My body starts to beat gradually in convulsions orgasm, but to me of it was a little and in a flash we are overturned, and I already on you. Already I began to set a rhythm, I jump on an elastic member that more quickly I stop … not much We exploit ourselves... Gradually business approached to an outcome … I, without a word, rise and accurately I take your member in a mouth and I start it to tender kiss and immerse as it is possible more deeply in a mouth... You start to finish.. Jets of sperm filled my mouth when eruption has ended you feel inexpressible sensations of ease and pleasure at once … and I having licked the lips and the head of your member swallow all that filled my mouth!! At this point I wake up and think of you. I miss it. I many times imagined our first intimacy. Thinking of it my body flinches from excitement. Drop me some lines what ideas you have got about me concerning sex. Write me your fantasies. It would be pleasant to me to know them. I love you, I can't without you, dearest love !!! I start to understand that my life is not meaningful without you because I love you I I think, that during that time, that we are familiar with you at us much in common, the feeling has appeared, I think that we are necessary the friend for the friend. I constantly think of you, you have accepted a place in my heart. I spoke with mum, that I shall probably leave her and I shall

arrive to you. My mum is very pleased for me. She wishs us of good luck

and blesss us. Today I all the day long thought only of you, about that

as we with you shall meet. I present it to myself as you meet me at the

airport as we search each other eyes, we find and we rush in embraces

each other.

Today fine day, but me it is sad because we with you so far apart. I love

you and for ever in your ideas. I wait your letter. It will be very

important for me.

For ever your Svetlana!!!

Number 6 Scam

Hi my dearest love Kitten Keith!

I am very glad to read again your answer and your letter. You write very beautiful letters and yours words bring me only each time all closer to you I cannot express that that I feel in relation to you I simply I love you I it was possible shall tell? And still I wanted to ask you I shall be possible to name you my favourite kitten? I liked your imagination. It was very sexual and romantic. I was strongly excited, when read it. As it is a pity, that we now not together. We could embody our imaginations in a reality. I have found the information concerning cost of air tickets to you. I send you it


In total 1 ticket (there and back) x (1270 + 255) = 1525$ USA (Including gathering)

Flight: Moscow (MOW)-> Dayton (DAY)

Airline: KLM Flight: KL3105

Departure: September, 20th 2008, 10:40, the Sheremetyevo the airport

Arrival: September, 20th 2008, 12:10, Schiphol Arpt

Places: the Economical class, places is

<<<<-a city of change Amsterdam (AMS)->>>>

Airline: KLM Flight: KL6035

Departure: September, 20th 2008, 13:15, Schiphol Arpt

Arrival: September, 20th 2008, 16:00, Detroit Metro Arpt

Places: the Economical class, places is

<<<<-a city of change Detroit (DTT)->>>>

Airline: KLM Flight: KL7837

Departure: September, 20th 2008, 17:34, Detroit Metro Arpt

Arrival: September, 20th 2008, 18:45, Dayton International Airport

Places: the Economical class, places is

Time in a way: 16 hours of 5 minutes.

These are the cheapest tickets which I could find. You see, that I should buy return tickets. Me will not let out from my country without the return ticket. But I can hand over the return ticket if we get married when I will arrive to you. Then I can receive half of cost from these air tickets. Thus, full the sum of money, which is necessary for me (taking into account cost of the visa, the international passport, other documents and air tickets) - 510 + 1525 = 2035$ USA Well I wanted to speak only with you about us about our relations and to find out with you why it happened? I so was glad when we started and wrote letters and it only I so liked to write to you the letter much. And as it turned out that we met as you think I only I think that destiny and destiny it so much she always only conducts us to that that we could meet to speak with different people destiny reduces all in this life. She means during our life much and I think that you spoken with destiny and happens. How you think? I have trusted in destiny and the ambassador all these letters I so is glad that I liked you and you like me yours words it is such depth yours words you simply at me in soul and I am very glad that you are in my soul near to heart. I shall wait only for you always and I at all do not know as you to tell you for me simply an ideal the man. You that for the sake of which I would give a life and it is not simple words so I ask ponder upon my letter and understand who I and that I see in you as in the person and you only should represent as much you mean for me and as much you only imagine for me. I precisely do not know you can understand it whether or not? You can as to become attached to me whether or not. Also that for us with you waits in the future we do not know but only remember mine words that you for me which that person I always wait and believe what be fast we can together I believe in it and only I expect when all this can happen. As I want to speak you how many yours words mean for me so I ask only do not speak mere words if they only have no value to me important that if you speak by not a lot of word and their value for you. And if you and in the truth all this so feel for me then this that much that is necessary. And I wait tell to me the most important words which you wanted to speak me and till now did not speak. I very much hope for you that all well and that you only do all as it is possible well. Which I only wanted to speak some more phrases for you you very good and kind person know it presently remained good and kind people very little. I am very glad that have found you and never I want to lose you. Well now I only want to finish my letter and to speak you that I very much I love you and I wait for your answer my kitten. I shall be here for you as soon as I can and I hope that I can read your answer.

Always which that woman you are not indifferent also which waits always for the letter from you because I LOVE YOU. Yours Svetlana.