Scammer Alina Purtova

November 7 1996

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My angel Gus, I have the opportunity to use my laptop again. Thanks
to Mr. Kuzhnurov for this, as it is he who represents my interests
here. He is my lawyer, and he is probably the only person who speaks
I am also grateful for the help Pavel has provided. This man, when
this trouble happened to me, helped me. He showed me his documents, he
said that he was an employee of the Russian embassy here in the
Netherlands. And that he will try to do everything possible to ensure
the safety of Russian citizens.
Darling, I really need your support now, your attention and warmth.
But you haven't even written a single letter to me, it hurts me even
more. Gus, I'm terribly scared here and I don't know what to do.
My angel Gus, I don't have constant internet access here. I will
answer you whenever possible. The lawyer managed to negotiate with the
policeman today so that I can write you a letter. There was a
preliminary hearing in my case today.
The situation is very dire! The police told me that they would have
to refer my case to a criminal investigation, and then to court. This
may take a while. Honey, I am very upset and worried! I risk going to
jail and spending 3-5 years there!
Together with my lawyer, I talked to the investigator of my case. As
a result, the investigator offers the following solution to the
one . The investigation did not establish that I was going to sell
these drugs to anyone. I agreed to cooperate with the investigation,
and voluntarily showed them my e-mail and all my correspondence. I
showed them your phone number, I also showed them the history of our
correspondence via email. They realized that my intention was to
travel to the Dominican Republic for the sake of meeting with a close
friend, partner. The correspondence did not say anything about the
sale or import of drugs. Therefore, the investigator agrees to
2. I have to post a bond. This will allow me to be released and then,
to continue my journey to the Dominican Republic, to you. While I am
with you, the investigation will continue. At the end of the
investigation, this bail will be returned in 100% of the amount. I
know that I am innocent.
3. The investigator said that the amount of the bond, in my case,
would be 7000 Euro. As soon as I give this money to the investigator,
he will give me a financial receipt confirming the receipt of a bail,
and will also return me all my travel documents, my passport and visa.
Everything will be 100% legal and transparent.
The investigator noted that he gives the time until May 7. If the
bail is not paid, they will immediately take the case to court. The
lawyer said that I have very little chance of being free. The court
hearing finds me guilty, because here they have a very negative
attitude towards drug dealers from Russia. There have already been
many similar cases here. Judicial practice shows that approximately
90% of them ended in a conviction by the court. I'm scared, my dear
Gus !! I don't want to go to jail, I'm very scared !!
four . I also asked if I could get a new plane ticket to the
Dominican Republic? The investigator said that he would give me a
certificate stating that I was detained by the police, this did not
happen on my will. And at the behest of the Dutch law enforcement
agencies. This is a force majeure circumstance for me and it is a good
reason to get a new ticket for free.
My love Gus, I am doing my best now to find this money. I am now
being held in a temporary detention center. There are no Russians here
at all, there are other women in the cell with me. They look at me
with evil eyes all the time. I feel from their behavior that they have
a very negative attitude towards me. Apparently because I am Russian.
I am very afraid that they will start beating me at night! The lawyer
says that I should be transferred to solitary confinement. But I don't
know when this will happen! Honey, every minute, every hour that I
spend here reflects very negatively on me!
My angel Gus, I'll try to get a phone to call you and my mom. I'm
worried about my mom. After all, they called her, and they only said
that they had detained me. I can't even imagine how much pain my
mother is experiencing now. How she worries and worries.
My angel Gus, I want to hear your voice - it will be like a breath of
water, fresh air for me. I really hope that you can answer my call and
talk to me. Please don't leave me alone. And I ask you to pray that
everything will be fine with me.
Dear Gus, as soon as we are next to each other, so we can discuss
everything together and solve this situation! Darling, I'm so scared
now . I've never been in such situations and don't even know
how to behave .. I miss your support, your letters so much .. Beloved
Gus, please answer me how as soon as possible ..
Your tear-stained Alina