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Good afternoon or good morning =) !!! I do not know how much time you have now.
But I hope I'm not distracting you by my letter. You know, I
would like to say once again that you are very dear to me and I appreciate your
account and chat with me. I like you and I want to clarify
clear in my intentions to you. I've fired in life by
men and do not want this again. If you do not want further
communication, please do not let me hope !!!!! It is very important to know
how do you feel about the fact that I have a child? You are not afraid?
Someday I would like to see you in live, but you know that
long distance between us. I have a job, and child and you have
probably a lot of things and work! So I want to give you my address, I
live in Russia, in Kotel'nich city, street Komsomolskaya 6 - 19! Natalya is 7 years old and
sometimes it seems that she is growing by leaps and bounds. This year, she have already gone to the first class.
She is very clever not for her age. She helps me around... When I cook to eat, she repeats after me.
She takes potatoes and trying to clean it with me. It looks
very funny =). She always washes her dishes and helps me in
cleaning. You should have seen the order in which she contains her things. Natalya
is all that I have ... I love her very much, but sometimes she did not
listen me. She need father's education and care. On weekends,
when I take a break at work, I try to give more attention to
Natalya. There in my small town are not many places where you can
take a walk with your child. Sometimes we go to the park or just walk on
street. In the evening, we make her studies together! Martin I hope that
you understand me correctly. I do not want that you to take offense at me....
I'm going to wait for your answer to my letter! Anastasiya.
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Comment #168751
Good afternoon!
How are you?
For several days now I have don't get an answer from you.
I Hopefully you’re just busy and text me soon. I miss your letters so much. I hope that we can next to find out each other and see where it takes us. I will wait for your reply. Anastasiya
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28.4. Crazy person, writes daily!
Hello my dear !!! I began to wake up every morning with thoughts about you. I have no other joy than to think about you, present you around and dream about our future. Thoughts of you do not go out from my head. I have not experienced such feelings long ago. Sometimes I think that I'm going crazy. I began increasingly represent us together !!! I did not think that I can once again experience such feelings.
We know little of each other, but you have already take a place in my heart and my life. I grateful to my destiny and my curiosity for for our acquaintance.
I remember when I was terribly nervous when you wrote me first letter.
I was afraid that you did not properly understand my thoughts and intentions.
But now I see that we understand and feel each other. Do you feel it?
Maybe it's our destiny. You just imagine that we live in thousands of kilometers from each other. We speak and think in different languages, but this does not prevent us to get acquainted. I want to know you more. I want to be worthy of your attention. Maybe, this letter will seem to you too frankly. But I can no longer keep these thoughts inside me. I look forward to your sincere response. Your Anastasiya.
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She was warned that she was harassing a boy who was 15 years old.
Hello my friend Martin !!! I thought yesterday about what reaction you will have to my letter.
I'm glad that you understand me. My mother Tatyana came to visit us today. I'm sending you her photo.
I asked mother to take Natalya to her for a few days because I have no one with whom I can leave daughter at home.
The accident occurred at the Natalie's school. Hot water pipe burst and flooded the whole first floor.
I told mother about you and me. Of course, she was surprised that Icommunicate with man from another country.
She worries about our with daughter future . She asked a lot of questions about you. Mother asked how do you think about my daughter? She asked how will we solve the problem with the fact that we live in different countries? I said that we are getting to know each other and did not think about meeting. My mother is very happy that the man appeared in my life.
She knows that no one was at me for a long time. Mother really wants to get to know you.
She sends her greetings to you! She could not sleep today, probably.
She will be thinking all night about what I told her.
I hope that I did the right thing. Write me please what do you think about it?
I thought about what she had said about our meeting with you, when I went to work.
She's right that we live in different countries. We must make great efforts to meet.
Correspondence letters is one thing, but the meeting in live is another.
You can only understand a person looking into the eyes.
But I think that I have known you all my life. You're getting own person to me.
I'm beginning to worry about you every day.
I think about what are you doing now about what you eat. I think about your mood.
Everything that happens in your life is important to me!!! You are very dear to me.
I really do not want to end my letter because when I write to you, I think that I'm talking to you.
But my work is calling me. It's time to work. I really miss you and wait for your letter. I kiss you! Your Anastasiya.